Elder Scrolls Online Beta Impressions from SorcererDave

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Jingles tells it as he sees it.

There are many, MANY video commentaries and pre-reviews on the Elder Scrolls Online on Youtube. I’ve watched quite a few- from Angry Joe, Gopher and now, SorcererDave. Why would I choose this vid in particular to watch and post here on my blog? First off, SD is one of my Skyrim LP Idols, and perhaps one of the most thoughtful such LP-ers on the ‘Tube, with awesome RP vids aplenty. The guy, aside from having an awesome English voice (totally different from another English LP-er I really like) is very astute, honest and just plain cool.

He also looks at ESO from a Single Player perspective, one that I in particular share (being The Lone Gamer after all). So far the views he and the other vids I have seen seem very similar in their thoughts about the Elder Scrolls Online. I myself don’t see it as being ‘Skyrim with Online features’. It’s not, and it never will be. It’s an MMO. Will I subscribe to it? Almost certainly not. But I do want to keep tabs on it, being an Elder Scrolls game. I do wish Bethesda success in it, for I do want them to move on and start doing the next Elder Scrolls proper sequel (although I am still deep into Skyrim).
Anyway, give it a watch if you’re thinking about ESO. A lot of serious thought went into this vid, and it’s worth a look see.

Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailer: ‘The Arrival’

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Game trailers don’t get much more epic or breathtaking than this one.

The first cinematic trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online (PC, Mac, PS4, XBox One) blew me away months ago with its superb detail and action. But even that six-minute or so epic seems small in comparison to the sequel spot, entitled ‘The Arrival’. This 8-minute episode of fantasy CG continues the somewhat vague but eye-catching narrative, with the three heroes (Horned Nord Warrior, Elven Sorceress and Breton Rogue) first squaring off for a free-for-all, but then being faced with yet a fourth side to the struggle. With an entrance worthy of a truly terrifying heavy, what I assume to be Daedric Prince Molag Bal arrives with his Daedra minions. Even the obviously high-level heroes are pushed to their limits by the forces of Oblivion, before a victory or sorts is won… and yet another cliffhanger is reached- perhaps setting the stage for the game to come.

Not really sure if I’ll buy into this- I’m really more a single-player guy and more than happy with Skyrim, but on the strength of this trailer color me intrigued at what they are cooking up in terms of story. Will we see the heroes portrayed in this spot in the game? Who were they? I’d like to know. In any case, this is yet another trailer I’m putting into my mobile theater for always-ready-watching. Man, that was COOL.

In case you missed the first part of this cinematic trailer epic, check it out below.

There are three sides to every conflict, apparently.

Elder Scrolls Online ‘Alliance’ Cinematic Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

Videogame War never changes. Lots of guys die, people get to look badass.

As is the usual case with MMO’s, here’s the inevitable super-slick CG cinematic trailer for Zenimax’s The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s an impressive, almost 6-minute long action epic portraying the game’s three warring factions- The High Elves of the Aldmeri Dominion, the Breton-led Daggerfall Covenant and the Nord-championed Ebonheart Pack- racing to be the first to occupy the central Empire of Cyrodiil.

As spectacular as it is, of course the actual game won’t be anywhere as eye-licious. Still, there’s a lot riding on this upcoming, upstart MMO, and from all indications it may be something Elder Scrolls and Skyrim fans may want to check out. We’ll see.

Fast Tube by Casper

Some reasons why you may wnat to check out ESO.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Trailer Kicks Arse!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Epic action and comedy punctuate this latest Blizzard cinematic.

Blizzard has made a tradition out of making freakin’ awesome CG cinematics, and that continues with this, the cinematic trailer for the fourth expansion to their mega-popular MMO. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria takes the adventure into the titular jungle continent which is the home of some pretty powerful Panda martial artists. Kung Fu Pandas, literally! Man, all that’s missing is a big Skedoosh to punctuate the finishing move at the end of the trailer. This trailer just makes me wish once again Blizzard would just make a full-length movie already. No, I won’t be playing WOW anytime soon (not my flavor- Skyrim is my RPG), but darn I’ll be keeping this trailer on my iPad for anytime viewing. Freakin’ Cool!

Epic Sci-Fi Action in Planetside’s CGI Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

Death is inevitable in Sony’s upcoming FPS MMO.

I’m not the biggest FPS fan, and pretty much very averse to MMOs… but man, these games tend to have freakin’ awesome CG cinematics, and Planetside 2 is no exception. The trailer follows an unnamed but brilliant soldier as he wreaks havoc on a futuristic battlefield- up until the bitter end. Not sure if this game is going to be anywhere near as awesome as this pre-rendered movie, but hell, this is 3 and a half minutes of watchtime that’s well worth seeing. Check it out!

The Elder Scrolls Online Debut Trailer!

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Light on sights but heavy on promise.

The latest stuff from Bethesda isn’t about the upcoming Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim… but about the just-announced MMO based on the Elder Scrolls world, The Elder Scrolls Online. Details are limited as yet, but this shindig will be set about a millennium before the events in the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, but will apparently span the whole realm of Tamriel (Cyrodiil, Skyrim, Morrowind, etc.). Players take part in various factions and will war for control of the strife-ridden land. The trailer itself isn’t anything spectacular, just a logo and a voiceover. But then, heck… the first teaser trailer for Skyrim wasn’t that exciting but see how that turned out (Best RPG Ever!). Still, I’m not putting too much into this- I’m really not an MMO guy, and this seems to reek of trying to become another WOW. I’ll most probably check it out, but color me not that into it… I’ll wait for the next chapter in the proper, main Single Player RPG Elder Scrolls, thank you very much… I AM after all, the Lone Gamer.

Another Year, Another Awesome Star Wars: The Old Republic Cinema

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Fast Tube by Casper

Wow, if only the actual movies were- you know the drill…

Man, if the actual gameplay of MMO’s were anywhere near as freakin’ awesome as the action in this latest cinema for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’d be in like Flint in a heartbeat. Sadly, it’s not, so all I can do is enjoy this better-than-the-actual-films CG cutscene and compile with the two other monumental OR cinemas. Wouldn’t a Star Wars-based Jedi vs Sith fighting game, with a Create-a-Character mode (with different sabre configurations and styles) be darn awesome? Nowhere near that Teras Kasi crap- when will we, if ever, see something like that? Who knows. But if we do, I’ll be the first one in. Now, have to watch this cinema again…

DC Universe Online “Fracture Future” Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

The Plot Thickens!

A second cinematic trailer for the superhero-themed MMORPG DC Universe Online has been released, once again featuring impressive animation and action. The story begun in the first DCU Online ‘Who Do You Trust’ trailer is continued here, revealing more of what happened between Brainiac’s invasion of the Future Earth and that world’s Lex Luthor coming to the Prime DC Universe and spreading the Exobots that have borne thousands of new super-beings. Anyway, it’s now apparent that not everything is as it seems (which we should have known, given the title of the first trailer), and the question remains- what is Luthor planning?
So far, DCU Online has been excellent both in its storyline, presentation and, judging from the game’s popularity, gameplay. It certainly seems to be the most successful superhero-themed MMO yet. If they keep this up, this could potentially be the new WOW… with capes.

HOLY Awesome Cinematic Trailers, Batman!

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If only the actual game was as amazing as this mini-movie…

There are trailers that make you go, Eh. There are trailers that make you go, WTF? Then there are trailers that leave you slack-jawed with their kick-assedness. This cinematic 5-minute masterpiece for DC Universe Online is one of these godly spots, containing more bone-cracking, building-smashing, lightning-crackling, back-impaling and Giantess Bashing action than most full superhero movies. Yeah, the actual game it’s advertising won’t be anywhere near as freaking gorgeous or exciting, but what the heck- at least we had this bright spot of greatness for the upcoming MMO. Enjoy!

Drag Me To Azeroth!

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A nice bit of news that concerns Blizzard’s mammoth MMO World of Warcraft which should interest even us non-MMOers. The future film based on the best-selling fantasy MMORPG setting will be directed by Spiderman and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi. What does it mean? It means that the film should be freakin’ awesome. Evil Cam, manic action, humor, more action, scares and thrills and awesome special effects. And Blood Elves. Oh My! To put things into more perspective, Uwe Boll reportedly tried to pitch for the WOW movie. So we’re all much better off.

Even though I’m not a WOW fan, I do love a great fantasy flick, and with no big epic sword and sorcery movie on the horizon (well, Prince of Persia is nice and such but…) this could be something special. Filming on WOW will apparently start after Raimi wraps up Spiderman 4. Once again, something to watch out for in the near future.