Tekken CARD Tournament Beta Gameplay

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Fast Tube by Casper

Time to deck your opponent.

Fighting Youtube gamer BuildingtheMeter posted quite a bit of footage of Namco-Bandai’s upcoming Tekken spinoff, Tekken Card Tournament. The game will be playable on browsers and smartphones when it comes out ‘soon’. TCT is a free-to-play game that features 3D models, AR (Augmented Reality) card support and cross-platform online play.
Judging from the footage, this is something more akin to rock-paper-scissors in a way, with cards corresponding to various moves. The graphics look like assets from Tekken 3DS, but I actually appreciate the game having at least new KO animations and lose poses. Hah.

Fast Tube by Casper

More Card Battlin’ Action.

Really though- while I do like the animated parts, this isn’t for me. If I wanna pass the time till the next Tekken, I’ll play a Tekken game- a REAL Tekken game. Card battles… nope. Still, since it’s free I may check it out and put it on my iPad or Android phone when it comes out. Still hoping that Harada isn’t concentrating too much on this, and is really actually working on something with more real-time action. More as we get it then.

Tekken… Card Tournament?

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Prepare for the Next CARD Battle!

We’ve got good news and bad news… Okay, it’s the first bit of Tekken we’ve been given in a long time, and it’s about… a CARD Battle game. Not only that, but a mobile card battle game. Sigh.
Tekken Card Tournament is an upcoming free-to-play mobile game for Android, iOS web browsers and mobile phones which will also involve actual, physical booster cards that will be made available in stores in Spring 2013. Fortunately, it’s not all just booster cards and stats- scanning cards has an Augmented Reality element, letting you add your favorite Tekken fighters to your deck through your phone/tablet camera. There will also be animated segments showing characters performing their deadly moves.
Okay, on one hand I guess this is better than that lamentable Tekken Bowl app. But… a card game. I’d actually prefer a match-3 fighting game than a card game. But hey, there are countless gamers out there into this genre- just not me.

No exact date yet for TCB’s release, but it is billed as coming ‘soon’. Physical booster cards will be on sale in stores in Spring.

I’ll pass and wait for the actual fighting game, thank you very much.

Playing Skyrim On-The-Go: Sometime in the Near Future

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Fast Tube by Casper


These days, if you want to play The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim when you’re away from your desktop (or laptop for that matter), you’d have to subsist on mobile alternatives such as Ravensword: Shadowlands on iOS. But really, what I truly want is to have nothing less than our Skyrim fix really truly with us on a very portable platform, complete with PC mods and DLCs.

Well, that seems to be the case with the upcoming Razer’s Edge gaming tablet PC. Up above is a very short look at Skyrim running on the device, with the joypad peripherals attached. The Razer’s i5 or i7 processor models should be able to run the game well, and from the look above the frame rate seems stable. It’s going to be a steep price but heck- what else are we working for everyday than to have a great time? I can’t wait for this. Hoping this is everything it’s looking to be.

Gamer Gadget Lust: The Razer’s Edge

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Fast Tube by Casper

Are You Prepared to Walk…The Razer’s Edge?

This past CES showcased a ton of gadgets and gizmos that we techies will be lusting for in the coming months (and some, just weeks). I definitely want the Seagate Wireless Plus, that mobile hard drive that will let you stream media from anywhere, on-the-go. But for gamers in particular, several surprising new names have come up, such as Steam’s Steambox and Nvidia’s Shield. But me, I’m much more interested in the Razer’s Edge AKA Project Fiona. Basically, this is something I’ve been wanting for months- a gaming tablet that has the smarts and brawn to play titles like Dishonored, which it incidentally plays flawlessly at the CES demos. The base machine is a hefty but still-manageable tablet PC, either Core i5 for the default version and i7 for the more premium model. It’s loaded with Nvidia graphics, so it should be able to handle many of the more graphically impressive PC games.

Now THIS is what I want. Full PC gaming, wherever I want (for a while, at least- battery life isn’t iPad-great), not some Android player which I already have with My Phone. I wanna be able to access my Steam library on the go- to play Skyrim or Diablo 3 on a taxi, or Streetfighter X Tekkken or Super Streetfighter IV AE at the office pantry, or X-Com: Enemy Unknown during lunch in a resto, or Civilization V while killing time before heading home from the day job. Oh, and all that without a full laptop or desktop. That’s what Razer’s Edge is, and I’ve been wanting something like it for a long time (and I suspect a lot of other gamers too). For a while I’ve been thinking that the Surface Pro could have given this, but- nah, it doesn’t have the brawn. THIS does.
Granted, the price tag is pretty high ($1,299 for the i7), but if this proves to be a winner in terms of performance and does all that it promises… that may be worth the price, and a viable choice to consider in lieu of just getting another laptop upgrade (which I may do eventually, even if my current i5 game laptop is still fine). We’ll see then, once the Edge comes out and reviews start trickling in. More on this as I get it!

Bikini Karate Babes… on Your Phone?

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Creative Edge Studios is working on bringing their fan service fighters to the appstore.

A few years ago, Bikini Karate Babes hit the PC with its all-female cast of digitized combatants, eschewing skin in place of blood, silliness in place of gritty violence. Some years later (and many, many releases of DVDs featuring the games’ actresses and models), the sequel, Warriors of Elysia was FINALLY released after a prolonged development time, and tried at least to be less silly and more credible as a fighter. Well, you won’t find WOE in any fighting game tournament anytime soon, but still, Creative Edge Studios, the producers of the game, has still managed to keep a loyal following of gamers and fans supporting their endeavors.

Now, while they haven’t announced Bikini Karate Babes 3 or Warriors of Elysia 2 (yet), Creative Edge isn’t finished with making games based on their female fighters. Apparently their next project is a mobile version of their beat ‘em up, which actually is something I’d like to see. Hey, even with thousands of titles on the appstore and android market, actual good fighting games are always welcome.

Now, there’s no date set yet for the release of BKB Mobile- in fact, the game’s still in the works and Creative Edge is looking for backing to expedite development, via paid membership for their Fan Club. Heck, why not try Kickstarter, guys? I’m sure a lot of gamers out there would love a bikini fighter on their phones.

Anyway, it may be a while before this pans out, but I’d take a look at this if and when it arrives. Till then though, if you want girls in swimsuits brawling on your mobile, just download the FPSe app for Android (PSX Emulator), a Dead or Alive PSX ROM file and you’ll be in fan service fighting bliss in no time.

Gaming Gems: Puzzle Quest (Challenge of the Warlords)

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Not quite Skyrim meets Bejeweled, but still the best Match 3 RPG.

There are some games that are just so good, you can play them forever. Or, at least, will stay on your game device/library of choice indefinitely. This choice collection of titles for me includes the original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Again, not a new game at all… it’s probably been ported to every console and gaming platform out there by now… but I just happened to look at my iPad and seeing the app icon I just began to wax nostalgic.

One of the first Match-3 RPG hybrids, Puzzle Quest took the Bejeweled style of gameplay and made it the fighting arena of choice between your chosen hero/heroine and various enemies in a pretty sizable fantasy realm. Various spells and powers came into play to affect matching gems and skulls in the field, and the battle would rage until one side was obliterated. Though there have been many, MANY Match-3 RPG titles since, I think none have ever surpassed the original PQ… not even its own sequel, Puzzle Quest 2.

Puzzle Quest’s long adventure is no LOTR, but it was loads of fun and had many a colorful character to encounter along the way.

My favorite aspect of PQ was the story, which followed your character throughout their illustrious adventuring career- from being just the son/daughter or a noble running errands for dear ol’ dad to managing a vast empire of captured cities and holds. Yep, in Puzzle Quest you can pretty much eventually take over the world as a benevolent conqueror, so that cities will pay you tribute like the badass fantasy capo don you are. While the story stays mostly the same (though choices probably vary depending on your character), you do have a choice in choosing your hero/heroine’s class, and this will affect gameplay. Fighters will have powers that directly assault the enemy, while mages have spells that affect the field and gems. There are quite a few classes and I’ve really only played ONE (a Wizard), so there’s tons of gameplay I can still get from PQ simply by starting another game as another class (and different gender).

Sadly, Puzzle Quest’s sequel took a different route, eschewing the more epic scale of the original for a more personal, smaller quest. While Puzzle Quest 2 has it’s appeal and is more intimate in the duels, I miss the anime style art, the huge map to explore, the empire-building and tinkering in my citadel, and general epic feel of the original.

At present, while the game has been ported to many platforms, Puzzle Quest is apparently unavailable on the Apple appstore (not sure if they’ll re-release it), which is just too bad.

Luckily I bought the game years ago from the appstore and still have it on my iPad right now (the iOS version is one of the best ports, I think), so I can always revisit this world anytime I want to. If you somehow missed this gem of a Bejeweled spinoff, try to find it. And once you do, grab it and don’t let go!

FINALLY Played The Walking Dead: The Game…

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The Walking Dead’s protagonists: Lee Everett and Clementine.

… and wow, that was pretty fantastic.

Yeah, yeah, I’m a bit late to the party. This game’s been out for months and months and already won a gazillion game awards, including Game of the Year from several game sites. Truth be told, I made it a point to get this game once all the episodes were available, but even then, while I already owned it for quite a while, the opportunity to actually PLAY it didn’t come till recently. I really don’t think The Walking Dead is a game (or perhaps an experience?) you can just pick up and play. You have to be ‘ready’ for it; you have to commit to playing/digesting it, and once that’s in, it’s just like watching an extension of the TV series.

I’ve so far only played the first episode, “A New Day”, and well, it’s certainly impressed me. I have the iPad version, which runs great and looks fabulous. The touchscreen controls are very intuitive and easy- moving protagonist Lee around and interacting with things is quick and painless. The atmosphere and tone is perfect, the artwork (which is based more on the comics) is great. Anyone expecting a Resident Evils shoot ‘em up or action game will be a bit disappointed- this is a slower, more deliberate title, an adventure game more in line with Point-and-Click classics.
This isn’t so much about surviving zombie attacks as it is about interacting with the other, live humans around you. It doesn’t hold your hand in these interactions either- you mold the game as you play, mostly via dialogue choices that will affect how other characters look or treat you. Off the bat I played Lee like myself- mostly honestly, and that earned me a stern talking-to that cautioned that I’d better be a better liar. Yikes! At certain points though, your choice will majorly affect the game, and you’ll have to live with the consequences.

After playing through Episode 1, I’m still digesting the experience, and building up the ‘mood’ to continue. Episode 2′s already on the Pad and ready to play. One problem is that it takes so darn long to download new eps, and the darn DL can’t be paused or continued if something botches it up. But I’ll get to playing this through to the end eventually. Hopefully before next year? We’ll see…

The Lone Gamer’s Gadget Gushes of 2012

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My Galaxy Note 2: Communicator, Console, Compact Cinema.

This past year was an awesome time for gadgets, and I was fortunate enough to find a couple that have since become indispensable, constant companions. It truly is a wonderful time to be a gamer, as today’s latest toys will most assuredly keep boredom at bay indefinitely with awesome apps and flawless media playing.

On the game console side, I still have to say my Playstation 3 has held the line admirably, with both disc-based games AND digitally-released titles. The best DLC game I’ve had all year is surely Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown from Sega, a classic fighting game that had, for the longest time, only been available in Japanese arcades. Thankfully Sega finally allowed us to have this sexy brawler on our consoles, with excellent online play as well as the complete suite of Character Customizations. My PS3 continues to be my main home console- not bad for a machine that’s fast approaching 10 years old (my PS3 is a first-run classic Japanese version complete with PS1 Backwards-Compatibility)!

My current mobile phone, discovered a couple months ago, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This gorgeous and uber-powerful smartphone pretty much banished the iPhone 5 from my thoughts. Even if it’s quite a handful, the large screen really is the main feature, with the ability to play pretty much any media file you can throw at it, as well as something the iOS platform doesn’t have… the ability to play PS1 Games which makes it truly a portable console that kicks ass. Yeah, PSX Emulation isn’t new- but thanks to the GN2′s beefy power, I can play Dead or Alive or any of my PS1 faves without the phone heating up or the battery running dry too quickly.

Despite the Retina-enable iPad being busted out recently by Apple, I’m still in love with my ‘New iPad’ or iPad 3. There’s no game or app this device can’t handle, and with tons of awesome titles like Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, my pad has truly become the Tablet of Tablets.

For PC Gaming, my needs are sated by my Acer i5 Laptop. With it I’ve enjoyed countless hours of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, Hotline Miami and more. Plus, crazy-sexy mods make the PC versions of Streetfighter X Tekken and Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition far better than their console counterparts.

Sadly I haven’t found any of the new gadgets from Sony or Nintendo that desirable as yet- but who knows- maybe some upcoming titles will make the Nintendo WiiU or the Playstation Vita viable gadgets someday. Till then, I’ll be busy playing with my gadget menagerie right now into the New Year. Have a Techy Holiday, people!

Yosuke Hayashi Reveals………… Dead or Alive 5 PLUS (PS Vita)

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Fast Tube by Casper

Team Ninja’s head gives us something for the future.

On this video exclusive from IGN’s Pro Fighting League channel on Youtube, Team Ninja producer Yosuke Hayashi drops a reveal- Dead or Alive 5 is headed for PS Vita via an (we assume) improved port called Dead or Alive 5 Plus. No details yet save that the game arrives in the ‘early stage of next year’, but supposedly this new version will have new add-ons and features that will be worth an upgrade.
To be honest, I haven’t played DOA5 for a good long while after finishing the Story Mode, and I haven’t been getting into the recent paid (and overpriced) DLC content. I severely doubt that I’ll be getting a Vita for this, but who knows… we’ll see what comes along. In any case, the main console versions of DOA5 will still be getting additional content and support from TN into next year, so DOA fans should be happy. More on this as we get it.

UPDATED: Asura Cross (2D Fighting on iOS) Impressions

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Fast Tube by Casper

Gamevil runs us through their iOS Fighter.

Okay, THIS is a pleasant surprise. The iOS platform has tons of games- but not that many in terms of good beat ‘em ups. Yeah, we got Soul Calibur, but that’s a port and a bit bare bones. The King of Fighter titles are cool, but again, ports from consoles, and they’re iPhone only. Original fighting games on iOS have ranged from passable (Blades of Fury) to horrific (Further Beyond Fighting).

Well, imagine my surprise to find Asura Cross from Gamevil- what appears to be a 2D fighter boasting not only smooth and fluid-looking animation but varied fighting styles and a deep combat system!
Asura Cross features a Story mode with multiple endings, various other play modes like VS and Practice, unlockable fighters and even head-to-head play via Bluetooth. Pretty full-featured and impressive-looking, judging from the couple of vids I’ve seen (and posted here). I am impressed by the relatively complex interaction between the sprite-based characters, the large number of moves and the smooth animations. Really, this looks very promising.
Oh, and best of all it’s UNIVERSAL, so I can play it in full screen on my iPad. COOL.

Asura Cross is FREE on the appstore, which means of course inevitably that it will have IAP content. This isn’t too bad- you get three fighters unlocked off the bat, with the rest purchasable (and they should be worth it anyway). You can unlock other stuff like character colors and upgrades via points scored in-game. All in all I think it’s a reasonable barter and having the full game unlocked is a good value for anyone who loves beat ‘em ups. Titles like this are few and far between on the appstore, so I really want more fighters of this quality to come. If this turns out awesome, it may just become a fixture on my iPad.

Fast Tube by Casper

Two different styles of fighting clash in this vid.

UPDATE: Played the Story Mode. No, haven’t finished it- I’ve gotten past several one-round fights, and am into Chapter 2 (don’t know how many chapters this is). The story is surprisingly engaging, as it includes weirdness like aliens and vampires with your usual Fighter’s Road kind of thing- plus a healthy bit of sexual attraction between protagonist Jinshu and a couple of the ladies (which is actually a refreshing change from the usual ‘Fight is All’ hero). Unfortunately, the later fights are incredibly hard, since the enemies are being padded with far larger health bars, huge damage output and speed. It’s almost impossible, unless you never get hit or exploit some move glitch, to win in these fights with a stock character. You’ll invariably be forced to upgrade or Power Up your character using your APs, or Asura Points, which you have a few up front, and gain a bit as you play. Suffice to say, these run out fast, which is a strong push by the game for you to buy IAP. Of course, you could always just grind, which will take a long time.
I am a bit peeved at this- I’d rather than any IAP not affect gameplay this blatantly- it takes away from the game being decided by your SKILL, rather than stats and augmented properties. I’d much rather that IAP be stuff that just adds to the enjoyment, not central to the game- like perhaps additional character colors, additional characters, etc. As it is, it’s not game-breaking or a deal-breaker, but I am a bit disillusioned by how this game is set up.

It’s still an exceptional fighting game on iOS, but make no mistake- it’s a money sink as much as it is a game. It’s best for me to just keep this a casual thing, to just play for brief spurts. Maybe someday I’ll level up Jin enough to find out if he ends up with Judo hottie Yuuka or tomboy Nemo. But not today.