Let’s Hype: Far Cry 4

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Welcome to Kyrat!

Along with GTAV and Dragon Age: Inquisition, one of the Xbox One games I purchased yesterday was Far Cry 4. Now, I am not traditionally a shooter fan- and this is definitely an FPS. However, it IS an FPS with character and an amazingly colorful setting to play in.

I remember of course that I also loved Far Cry 3- the reason for which was probably centered mainly around the game’s psychotic villain, Vaas, who figured prominently in the advertising. Insane but fun adversaries have since become the apparent trademark of the Far Cry series (I don’t recall FC2 having as much focus, but then game marketing then was a bit less flashy). Similar to FC4, Far Cry 3 also had a gorgeous setting to cause havoc in- although I guess there was a bit disconnect in that the story of FC3 didn’t really allow for you, the protagonist, to tarry too much.
Far Cry 3′s hero, Jason Brody, is the single member of his group of friends to escape capture by the island’s ruthless gangs of pirates. Against the odds, Jason had to arm himself and work towards rescuing his brother and friends- though in reality a lot of the time you’ll probably also be hunting the local wildlife, zipping around on a jetski, enjoying the views and making yourself a lot of cash.

Far Cry 4′s story and setting allow for far more open world exploration and taking in the lay of the land. As Ajay Ghale (pronounced in-game as Ah-jay Gah-lay), a returning Kyrati-American, you arrive back in the fictional Nepal-like Kyrat with the initial purpose of spreading your deceased mother’s ashes in her homeland. Soon after arriving though, you find yourself embroiled in the country’s ongoing civil war.
On one side, and certainly filling in the slot of psychotic madman is Pagan Min (voiced by Troy Baker), he of the pink wardrobe and blonde hair, Kyrat’s despotic tyrant who rules the land with an iron fist (pinky finger extended). On the other side are guerrillas of The Golden Path, apparently commanded by two leaders of differing ways of going about things. It’s clear at the outset that you’re going to eventually choose sides in this war, but in the meantime you are also given quite the leeway to find your roots, get acquainted with your motherland, explore and just… have fun.

It’s also going to be a bit more controlled fun, since a Karma system is in place that penalizes players who go on GTA-like rampages. So while you can defend yourself from hostile wildlife and hunt for needed skins and pelts to fashion needed equipment, you should probably refrain from slaughtering innocent villagers or exploding elephants with C4. But the schtick is that the land, given its situation and huge gallery of dangers and features, anything can happen (and probably will) as you roam the countryside.

But really, the first thing I can say about this game is that it looks goddamn beautiful- something I am saying a lot with Next-Gen games recently. Hi-res visuals, lots of action, an intriguing story that begs you to step in and make your mark in… this is why I am hyped to get into Far Cry 4. The only problem is, how to divide my time between this looker of a shooter and Dragon Age: Inquisition…