GOT GAMES: Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4 and GTAV Next Gen

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Not just a wonderful but beautiful (if sinister) world…

In the early hours of the morning, when most sane people would be lost in the Land of Nod, I was awake and playing Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown on my PS3 while the computer monitor behind me played the video above- the Launch trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition. I guess with this one, the idea of using a haunting or sinister rendition of a normally wholesome or whimsical song for a trailer is really a thing now (like they did in the trailers for Maleficent and The Avengers: Age of Ultron). Some may think it’s getting a bit cliche, but so far I like it. And well, damn- the world of Thedas in DAI truly does look freakin’ wonderful.

And it’s a world I expect to be immersing myself in starting tonight, as I have just a few hours ago purchased my copy (XBOne) of the game, along with Far Cry 4 and Grand Theft Auto V (Next-Gen). On this one day, my XB1 library just became so much more awesome (and thankfully I just finished the campaign of Sunset Overdrive).

While DAI is my main game for now, I do expect I’ll still be working on my Skyrim LPs, and I do want to get in some hours of roaming the slopes and forests of Kyrat in Far Cry 4 as well. GTAV isn’t a priority, but it’s a game I just have to have in my library as a matter of course.

Anyway, did you guys get your new games today? So many awesome releases!
My bank account is sad as hell, but I don’t care- happy now. Heh.

Grand Theft Auto V Character Trailers Released

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Arguably one of the most anticipated games this year, Grand Theft Auto V will be out in September and looks to be more cinematic and story-heavy than ever before. The newly-released trailers- one for each playable protagonist- look more like movie trailers than a game. It’s so film-like, I wonder if the ability to just freak yourself out and just cause havoc in the sure-to-be vast open world might seem out of place. But make no mistake, this is GTA and it’s going to rock. So, which of the protagonists do you feel most identified with? Michael, the middle-aged family man with a criminal hobby? Franklin the gangbanger looking for a way out? Or the psychotic drug dealer Trevor? Start salivating, this baby going to be big.