The Lone Gamer’s Tekken 7 PC Review: Best PC Fighter Ever!

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Fighting has never looked this good.

It’s been several years since the last release of a numbered, canon chapter of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, AKA Tekken. Tekken 6 was released for consoles waaaay back in 2009. Now, eight years later, is Tekken 7 the game that we’ve been waiting for? Is it the Tekken we need and deserve? Hell YES it is.

Graphically speaking, Tekken 7 is phenomenally gorgeous. Running 60FPS on 1080p resolution, this fighting game is truly a superior port of the arcade game, with huge characters onscreen with luscious detail from head to toe. Fighting moves are textbook Tekken, from meaty blows to bone-crunching throws. What appears to be excellent optimization ensures pretty much that a decent gaming PC will run this game well, as a solid 60FPS is integral to proper and decent Tekken 7 gameplay. But if you can, I say upgrade your old rig with a good, solid graphics card and you’re good to go.

The Single Player experience is, of course, my main interest and for the most part, Tekken 7 delivers a meaty package. There’s a solid roster comprising of classic returning fighters and several newcomers. So aside from the ever-present Heihachi Mishima and Paul Phoenix, you’ve got fresh-faced newbies like the sassy Katarina- a Brazilian martial artist who doesn’t practice Capoeira, instead using the French kickfighting art of Savate. Then there’s the controversial (for a while) Lucky Chloe, a blonde, petite Japanophile and mascot complete with a neon pink costume and a tail. Claudio Serafino is an Italian exorcist, Shaheen an Arabian security specialist and bodyguard, while Josie Rizal is an Escrima fighter and model(!) from the Philippines who kicks hard but cries even harder. Then there’s Gigas, a massive top-heavy armored bruiser and experimental bioweapon. Finally, Kazumi Mishima is Heihachi’s late wife and a powerful fighter in her own right.
As always, the Tekken roster is full of interesting characters, and you have to be truly finicky to not find a favorite to gravitate to.

That said, the roster harkens a bit to the controversial Tekken 4 slightly in that several classic fighters have so far failed to return- fans of Julia Chang and Lei Wulong, as well as Nina William’s rival and sister Anna will surely be peeved. I am quite surprised at the exclusion of Zafina- being that she is the only new fighter from Tekken 6 that failed to return for a second bout.

Central to the home version is the Cinematic Story Mode- which seems similar to the offerings of other contemporary fighting games. However, the ‘Mishima Saga’, as the mode has been called, is much shorter and smaller in scope than the world-beating, globe-hopping story modes of games like Injustice 2, Streetfigher V or even Dead or Alive 5. Instead of taking the effort to cram everyone in the roster into the narrative, the Saga mainly deals with the history of the Mishima rivalry- between Heihachi Mishima and his son, Kazuya. Told by a rather bland, nameless reporter, the narrative tries to explain the origins of the conflict, specifically explaining why Heihachi committed the act of basically trying to murder his own son and heir so many years ago. What caused the death of his young, beloved wife, who coincidentally died at the same time?

The most that can be said about the Story Mode is that it definitely is interesting, and ends with a true, decisive and rather final ending- though it remains to be seen how this will affect the game’s plotlines moving forward. It does make for some rather irritating boss fights against mega-powered enemies that will take you either a lot of practice or a high level of cheapness.

But perhaps the worst aspect of the Mishima Saga is that, as it centers on the Mishima Family, pretty much everyone else is glossed over. So most of the rest of the roster receives some of the shortest, worst endings EVER in the history of the franchise. These ‘Character Episodes’ are one-scene segments that barely tell any story or conclusion, and often comprise of the fighter and his/her rival talking a bit, or a single bit of action. Where are the cool, funny, weird, awesome or awesomely weird or funny endings from Tekkens past?

Once you finish Story Mode, you’ll probably get busy with Treasure Battle and Character Customization. Treasure Battle is basically the new version of the classic Ghost Battle mode, but this time your main reason for fighting customized CPU opponents is to earn gold or unlocking customization items to deck out or dress up your favorite fighter. As with the more recent Tekken games such as Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag 2, the customization items vary from common clothing items that are universal to most fighters to a few unique pieces and a TON of silly ornaments or accessories, and items that can be used to cause an effect or special attack in matches. While most of the customizations from the arcade version are included, there are many missing items and outfits that are expected to be added as additional DLC.

All in all, Tekken 7 is a superior home port of the latest King of Iron Fist Tournament. Loading times are relatively fast and the deep fighting action is easy to get into, but will take lots of practice to master. A good, solid internet connection will allow you to play online although there have been issues that the Tekken devs are still ironing out. As it is though, I reckon that this Tekken is easily the best home port so far in terms of graphics and gameplay. Content-wise, it can be better, and hopefully will when more stuff is added in the months ahead. If you’re a fighting game fan, this is one of the best fighting games you can get today. If you’re a Tekken fan, well, odds are you already have it.

Tekken 7 is out now for PC, PS4 and XBox One.

My Favorite 10 Fallout PC Mods (So Far)

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Hey people! For Christmas, I got myself a pretty nifty gift- a new gaming computer! It’s a nice rig equipped with an i7 Intel Quad Core Processor, Nvidia GTX750Ti Graphics Card, SSD, 15GB or RAM and a Terabyte of HDD Space. The thing boots up in seconds, so you’d understand that I’d expect games to run on it like clockwork. The first big game I installed? FALLOUT 4, of course!

Now, I’ve heard and read a lot of stuff online- how the game isn’t all that, how a lot of gamers are supposedly tired of it- well, I’m not. I still love this game so much. Aside from the amazingly fun combat, the detailed world (which rivals Skyrim) with TONS to explore… After two playthroughs on PS4, I think I’ve surely not seen all there is to see in this vast game. Well, since getting my PC, the PS4 version has been all but forgotten- and I’ve fully committed to the new platform- it’s definitely much better, both in looks and gameplay thanks to the more hi-res and detailed graphics and well…. THE MODS. Oh, the MODS. It’s still early- the Creation Kit isn’t even out yet- but there are already a TON of great mods that make the game even better than it was at launch. So far, here are my favorites.

Companion Infinite Ammo. This is a simple mod that basically makes companions more helpful and formidable. In the vanilla game, companions come with their own personal (and crappy) weapon with its own unique ammo. If you try to ‘upgrade’ them, you will have to supply their new gun with ammunition- which I tell you they will waste straightaway. Just like Settlers, with this mod you can give a companion a weapon and ONE bullet/ammo for it, and they’ll never run out. It’s not particularly realistic, but it makes your companions far more helpful and lets you take advantage of your powerful weapon mods. Does it make the companions overpowered? Not really- I had Strong packing a minigun, and he still went down when faced with several enemy Supermutants. It makes them better but not unstoppable- or even that much smarter. Oh well…

More Armor Slots. This lets you wear armor pieces over pretty much any other piece of clothing- making for some pretty cool looks. Now you don’t have to look for Road Leathers or Fatigues to armor your settlers. Or you can wear that cool trenchoat with some snazzy leather pauldrons. Awesome.

Full Dialogue Interface. This changes the Dialogue Interface to a numbered format, plus shows off the exact words your character will say- no more vagueness!

Improved Maps with Visible Roads. Now it’s easier to navigate the damn wasteland with this nice little visual upgrade.

WET (Water Enhancement Textures). As you’d expect, this makes the water in the game gorgeous… almost good enough to drink or swim in… but DON’T.

True Storms. This makes the weather in the Commonwealth a tad more intense… and in the case of the deadly Radstorms, TERRIFYINGLY GORGEOUS.

Wearable Postal Bag or Backpack. Adds a nice accessory you can wear which also adds to your carry weight. Now you can go POSTAL on your enemies! Still doesn’t make the game any more realistic but it still looks pretty cool.

Quieter Settlements. This simple mod lessens the noise from stuff like generators, turrets and settler work SFX in your busy neighborhoods. Because you already have a big enough headache as it is with enemy raids, supply acquisition and bed shortages.

Realistic Ragdoll Force. Similar to the same mod in Skyrim, this reduces the force applied by attacks on enemies- so shooting someone with a pistol won’t send them flying off into space. Not for everyone, but I like relative realism.

CBBE (Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer). Just because.

I’ll be using these, and hopefully a lot more mods when I do my Fallout 4 Let’s Roleplay. We’ll see how soon that happens. For now, check out Fallout 4 Nexus for the latest and best Fallout 4 mods.

Looking Back: Moments from My First Skyrim Let’s Play

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One year and 1000 subscribers later…

When I started my first Skyrim Let’s Play (or Roleplay, as it turned out), my Youtube channel (which I had been pretty much neglecting all this time) had about 150 or so subscribers who were sadly starved for content. Well, since starting the Adventures of Vryll Lytharn AKA A Coming of Mage Story, it has grown to almost 1000 Subscribers. I plan to post several videos as a Thank You to my wonderful audience- and this is the first.

Lookback: A Coming of Mage Story is a collection/montage of some memorable moments from the LP, hopefully to get a laugh or a smile, and perhaps encourage a few more peeps to subscribe. Heheh. Anyways, with PerMa (Perkus Maximus), the new revision of SkyRe now installed, I plan to keep playing (and LP-ing) Skyrim for a long time to come…

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round PC Confirmed!

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The fanservice fighter heads to PC, more sexy outfits and action incoming!

It’s been speculated for months, and recently an entry on Play-Asia pointed to the possibility of Tecmo KOEI’s sexy fighter finally headed to the Windows PC platform. Well, speculation ends and fact take over- Team Ninja has officially confirmed Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will release on Steam, with the game now available for preorder. Incentives abound for those who order the game in advance, in the form of additional downloadable costumes (some of which are shown in the trailer above). The more people preorder, the more free stuff- so preorder away over here.

Also teased is the debut of the all-new female character, who will be unveiled in full on January 15. Earlier, DOA’s first boss Raidou was revealed as a returning fighter (albeit in cyborg form). The new female has already been confirmed to be all-original and totally new to the franchise.
DOA5 Last Round is set for release on February 17, 2015 on PS3, PS4, Xbox360, XBox One and PC.

DOA5LR on Steam? Awesome mods, here we come!!! WOOHOO!!!

Skyrim Let’s Play: SorcererDave Plays Dragonborn

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SorcererDave’s I, Claudius Skyrim LP continues!

I have been doing my Skyrim Let’s Play ‘thing’ for several months now, and I have to say it’s a blast to be able to tell stories while playing a darn game that I enjoy, and be it a passing fancy or eventually a longtime endeavor that I pursue, I credit a couple of people for getting me into it- the two Skyrim LP-ers who have had the most influence on me. One is Gopher- yep, the almighty wonderful Gophernator, whose own longtime LP ended recently (though he may return to Tamriel from time to time). The other is SorcererDave formerly Jingles1218.

Of all the LPers I have the pleasure of watching and following on Youtube, Dave is perhaps among the most well-known, and his series- I, Claudius- which follows the saga of a decidedly unlikable hero in the form of his titular Imperial Legion Soldier, is now on its Fifth Season/Chapter. Previously, Dave had gone on somewhat of an indefinite leave from playing Skyrim, with little information on when he would continue. Well, thankfully he has finally come back to the game, and it seems that he is enjoying himself, as well as playing a specific DLC of the game (Dragonborn) which he actually hasn’t played yet at all. Which should lead to loads of fun for both him and viewer.

What makes Dave’s LP exceptional for me is the way he tells his story- aside from his goddamn awesome voice (Englishmen have it so damn good, dammit), the craft of how he edits and frames his videos and his adventures onscreen are just second to none. I especially love the way he handles the music, and this chapter in particular- the way he starts off his episode- the narration, the writing, and DAMN the music with the titles… it is art. The way he commentates is a cross between roleplay and real world commentary, which is something I guess I can never really do, so its always something for me to learn from. Anyway, I do think that even after four solid chapters, Claudius has a LOT more adventuring to do in Skyrim, and I am hoping this series continues onward in the many months to come.

For now, I got me a new Claudius episode to enjoy so I’m clam-happy. Heheh.

Another Skyrim Let’s Play! Tale of Jo’Kir: Khajiit Illusionist

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Coming soon to the Youtube Channel!

Following the wonderful reception I’ve been getting to my first Skyrim Roleplaying LP, A Coming of Mage Story (which is into its Second Volume/Season!), I’ve decided to spread myself thinner, like butter spread across too much bread, with ANOTHER LP series.

The reason being that Vryll’s series is well enough on its way- and it will continue indefinitely. However, I wish to do things and play Skyrim (continuously) through other avenues and directions that our admittedly Goody Two-Shoes Altmer Archmage and Animunculist won’t or can’t go. Where Vryll won’t head, our new protagonist Jo’Kir will.
The gameplay style will be markedly different- although they are both mages, Jo’Kir will be using primarily the Illusion School of Magic (SkyRe), Conjuration and Restoration. Alteration will be secondary (mainly just for utility and Mage Armor), and Destruction not at all- Jo’Kir’s ranged offense will be totally different. His melee talents will be new as well, with him being a trained Monk of the mysterious Monastery of the Mists- he will only fight using his bare hands/claws- which are in themselves formidable weapons.

Is Jo’Kir evil? Perhaps that’s too strong a word, but I need to give him a very different voice, tone and mood from Vryll- but hopefully, still make him a likable character to follow, if not interesting. His adventures will take him to the darker corners, nooks and crannies of Skyrim, such as the Thieves’ Guild, perhaps the Dark Brotherhood and perhaps even… Castle Volkihar? We’ll see.

I don’t plan this series to be as long, or as updated as often as my other LP, but we’ll see. For now, please look forward to more Skyrim RP-ing from the Lone Gamer soon!

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play Gets a Trailer!

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Now Showing at my Youtube Channel!

I was just fooling around last night with all the hours and hours of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC gameplay footage I’ve already prerecorded for my LP, and well- I hammered out a rough trailer. It’s mainly to have a teaser video on the Youtube channel for non-subscribers, but I think it’s also a bit of a thank you to all the watchers who make doing the series so satisfying.

Of course, Skyrim being so damn cinematic a game- anyone can just take a bunch of clips, set it to the game’s freakin’ godly music and it will probably look amazing. What more if I could actually mod or fool around with the Creation Kit? Sigh.

Anyways, the series is at 30 episodes and still going, with no end in sight. It’s a hobby. Heheh.

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play Episode 23.5, 24

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I haven’t been able to update the blog as of late, thanks to a couple of reasons. One, is that my local DSL service has gone down and has been offline for the past couple of weeks (and counting). I am hoping they fix it soon, but so far I a subsisting on my personal MiFi. The other reason is that I am devoting a LOT of time to my Skyrim Let’s Play project.

I think it’s going quite well, with quite a few awesome watchers having subscribed and watching the series, including a couple of my idols in the Skyrim LP-ing biz (Damo2986 and Pemulisian!). Knowing these two guys are watching episodes of Vryll’s adventures just makes me want to make every video as great as I can make it.

Well, to date we’ve got 24 episodes up and we’re still going. I really don’t expect to stop anytime soon- I am not going to run out of video footage of my mage playthrough for a long time; even more so since I am STILL playing and having fun with the character.
Thanks to SkyRe, that uber-awesome gameplay overhaul mod for Skyrim, a mage is so much more viable than ever before (IMO). It’s not like vanilla where at high levels you’re basically spamming projectiles over and over and causing diddly damage, or resorting to the Fortify Magical School trick to make Magicka costs zero (which I realized a long time ago just made the game boring). In SkyRe, you can really work at upgrading your actual damage output. So at very high levels, you can really deal out damage that is comparable to warriors or archers with Legendary weapons and high skill. This is balanced by the fact that in SkyRe, full mages are still glass cannons so if you’re not careful you can still get killed very easily. Also, levels are uncapped, so I can keep playing Vryll beyond Level 80.

Once my home internet gets fixed, I’m hoping to at least start posting a video or two every other day, or at the fastest, one a day. We’ll see. Anyway, I’m still having tons of fun doing this, and quite a few people having fun watching. So that’s reason enough for me to keep doing it. Stay tuned!

Skyrim Let’s Play Spotlight: Pemulisian

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Farewell, Friend. For now!

In my Skyrim Let’s Play addiction, I’ve watched/am watching/will watch a TON of vids from various channels on Youtube. One of the best ones is by Pemulisian.

Pem’s Skyrim LP tells the story of Annaig, a young court mage from the Breton lands of High Rock. When her adoptive parents, the king and queen of her province, are murdered one night and herself abducted, Annaig finds herself lost in an alien land- Skyrim- and must somehow find a way to survive, grow powerful and perhaps someday- seek vengeance.

Pem is, by the way, a guy telling a female heroine’s story- something he takes into account and it doesn’t really ever have a negative effect on his storytelling. Listening to his mellow voice is pretty easy on the ears and lends to a relaxing watch and listen.

Like many LPs, Pem’s Skyrim Let’s Play is modded, and has a definite story to tell which he has written out and executes with some custom-made or placed in-game events or content- such as unique characters or messages that further Annaig’s story and search for the conspiracy that destroyed her life in High Rock. It’s very interesting to see how he does it, and something that I think I can take notes from for my own series. Very cool.

His storytelling isn’t overtly comedic, it’s even quite heavy on the gravitas and poignancy at some points. But it’s always a pleasure to watch.

Currently, Annaig’s Story has ended at two seasons totaling 301 episodes (with the last one being a self-commentary/evaluation hour). That’s HOURS an hours of awesome Skyrim LPing that anyone interested in this brand of videogame storytelling/entertainment would do well to check out. I certainly will be re-watching this series again very soon.

Will we see Pem in Skyrim again? Supposedly so, though not in the near future- in his approximation he’ll let 6 to 9 months to a year before he comes back to the series.
Well, all I can say is I’ll be waiting and watching. Thanks as well for his wonderful words of encouragement to me, and for including us in his final video. I am flattered beyond words and it all just makes me want to improve my own stuff all the more.

Thanks, Pem and Annaig! Till we meet again!

Skyrim Modding: Unique Shops and Inns

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Brodual’s latest video takes on The Real Warmaiden’s, Overflowing Magic.

If there’s one thing about the land of Skyrim that is pretty blah, it’s the fact that mostly every Inn and Shop in the province look the same. You’ve got many establishments in the various Holds with some very colorful names, but they don’t look the part. Wouldn’t it be cool to step into an Inn or Shop and have a memorable trip there everytime?

The latest vid by Brodual showcases one very nice overhaul of Whiterun’s weapons shop/blacksmith, Warmaiden’s. Another nice mod that accomplishes this kind of change was presented some time ago, called the Bosmer Drunken Huntsman.

I wonder if modders out there would do the same for many of the other establishments throughout Skyrim.

For example, Falkreath’s Dead Man’s Drink would do well to have a bit of a visual aesthetic a bit influenced by the town’s huge graveyard, even if only to humorous effect. Maybe it could extend not only to the furnishings or ambience, but to the staff clothing- how ’bout servers dressed up as Necromancers?
Solitude’s The Winking Skeever- well, how bout the proprietor’s stuffed pet being put on display on a beloved pedestal near the entrance?

The Inns could also reflect the general character of the city- Riften’s Bee and Barb could be done up to look more shadowy to fit the thieves’ guild presence, with private booths lining the sides to accomodate shady dealings. Markarth’s Silver Blood Inn could have portraits of that infamous clan displayed on the walls, or have an inordinate amount of silverware and flashy bling on display- just begging for an enterprising thief to make off with them.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more such overhauls for Skyrim’s places; every little bit just keeps this game fresh and new, even three years on. Darn awesome.