The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play Episode 23.5, 24

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I haven’t been able to update the blog as of late, thanks to a couple of reasons. One, is that my local DSL service has gone down and has been offline for the past couple of weeks (and counting). I am hoping they fix it soon, but so far I a subsisting on my personal MiFi. The other reason is that I am devoting a LOT of time to my Skyrim Let’s Play project.

I think it’s going quite well, with quite a few awesome watchers having subscribed and watching the series, including a couple of my idols in the Skyrim LP-ing biz (Damo2986 and Pemulisian!). Knowing these two guys are watching episodes of Vryll’s adventures just makes me want to make every video as great as I can make it.

Well, to date we’ve got 24 episodes up and we’re still going. I really don’t expect to stop anytime soon- I am not going to run out of video footage of my mage playthrough for a long time; even more so since I am STILL playing and having fun with the character.
Thanks to SkyRe, that uber-awesome gameplay overhaul mod for Skyrim, a mage is so much more viable than ever before (IMO). It’s not like vanilla where at high levels you’re basically spamming projectiles over and over and causing diddly damage, or resorting to the Fortify Magical School trick to make Magicka costs zero (which I realized a long time ago just made the game boring). In SkyRe, you can really work at upgrading your actual damage output. So at very high levels, you can really deal out damage that is comparable to warriors or archers with Legendary weapons and high skill. This is balanced by the fact that in SkyRe, full mages are still glass cannons so if you’re not careful you can still get killed very easily. Also, levels are uncapped, so I can keep playing Vryll beyond Level 80.

Once my home internet gets fixed, I’m hoping to at least start posting a video or two every other day, or at the fastest, one a day. We’ll see. Anyway, I’m still having tons of fun doing this, and quite a few people having fun watching. So that’s reason enough for me to keep doing it. Stay tuned!

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play, Part 8: Halted Stream

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Be vewy, vewy quiet… we’re hunting bandits!

First off, I’d like to say that I am really, really happy that more than a few people are finally watching our Elder Scrolls V Skryim LP; it’s enough to keep me motivated and wanting to release a new video as soon as I can. I do plan on going for at least two or three vids a week, at least- it’s all a matter of getting past the current busy period at the day job.

In any case, the Adventures of our Altmer Adventurer, Vryll Lytharn, continues with the newly-installed Thane of Whiterun embarking on a crusade to rid the hold of its rampant bandit problem- though it may be kind of obvious that Vryll’s reasons for wanting to slaughter more bandits is more personal than an issue of public service. It’s sure to be quite an action-filled next few episodes as Thane Vryll and his faithful crusaders (AKA Hjoromir the Daydreamer and Lydia the Housecarl) go after bandit camp after bandit camp, working their way to the Godfather of Whiterun crime- The Iron Hand himself.

Vryll Lytharn is a down-on-his-luck High Elf from Cyrodiil who has come to Skyrim seeking a new start. Through spell and sword and luck and wit, he’ll make the long climb to fame and fortune and perhaps, along the way, save the world. If he doesn’t drink himself to death first.

The Skyrim LP is a heavily-modded playthrough on PC, played on Expert Settings and using, primarily, the SkyRe gameplay overhaul mod. Episodes will be posted on the Youtube channel at least once or several times a week. Stay tuned for the next part!

The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play Update

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If you’re one of the few individuals who actually watch my Skyrim Let’s Play (I love you), well, you may have noticed that updates are a bit delayed. While it is true that I would love to have more people seeing the vids, I am still very much as motivated to keep the series going now as I was when I started.

The only trouble is, well, ME having more fun playing the game than working on the vids. I think this is actually a good thing, which will keep this series going for quite a while. On the other hand, I know I do have to force myself to put the damn controller down (yes, I use an Xbox360 Windows Controller for PC) and actually edit and post the damn episodes.

Full disclosure anyway- my stockpile of vids telling Vryll’s story and rise to power is HUGE. I think he’s barely Level 7 or so in the current posted episode (Ep.7). As of this writing, he’s already Level 43. YIKES! To be honest, it’s amazing to see how far he’s come. This is actually the first time I’ve really played a more-or-less full mage (Battlemage, really) instead of a Warrior who uses Magic, and in SkyRe at that, which makes it all so new for me. And I am having a ball with it.

Anyways, yes- episodes are still coming- I do plan on posting more than just one a week. I have a lot to post, and I’d like to thank, this early all those viewers who have given me awesome encouragement. Don’t worry- Vryll’s adventures aren’t going away anytime soon- We’ve got Two or Three Seasons worth recorded already. WOW! Stay tuned then for more postings.

Skyrim: Two Years on and STILL PLAYING

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Seeing this trailer still gives me chills of pleasure. You had me at FUS ROH DAH!

It’s kinda hard to believe, but today marks the second year anniversary of The Elder Scrolls V Skryim! Exactly two years ago, the game was released to gamers who probably scarcely knew just how big this game would get in the months ahead. Skyrim has birthed popular memes, invaded pop culture, ingrained itself into online consciousness and to this day, is still being played thanks to the PC version constantly being upgraded, refreshed and perfected by mods aplenty created by the game’s awesome modding community.
Skyrim has proven itself not simply as a RPG but a medium for individual gaming fiction, as seen in the many popular role-playing Let’s Plays on Youtube.

Dawnguard brought vampires, new quests, new enemies and countless instances of Serana saying, ‘Done and DONE.’

I remember starting off my Skyrim Life playing on the PS3, pushing my character into high levels but never truly finishing the game because of various reasons. I would take up the fight on the PC- in fact, Skyrim on the PC and the awesome mods that were on offer drove me to buy two laptops and one desktop gaming PC (the desktop I still keep and use to this day) in my hunt for an optimal Skyrim gameplay experience. Today, I am STILL indeed playing, maintaining a high-level character and going through not only the ingame quests but the DLC add-ons and extending into quest mods. I foresee myself still starting off future characters, perhaps using the more extensive gameplay-changing mods such as SkyRE.

I absolutely LOVe the Dragonborn DLC Trailer. The darker, remixed Dovahkiin theme in this trailer teased of the new quests to come.

With the time between Elder Scrolls games being so long, we can’t be sure when we’ll see the next Bethesda world in Tamriel/Nirn unleashed. Elder Scrolls Online is something to see, and perhaps unavoidable given its existence on PS4 and how online connectivity these days is so much more prevalent. But really, as I am The Lone Gamer, I yearn for the next big Single Player Experience that can only be given by the Elder Scrolls VI: Wherever It May Be.

Bethesda, I await your next summons. Till then, I’ll still be walking the roads of Skyrim, swords ever at the ready.

Yep, Still Playing Effin’ Skyrim…

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I actually stopped playing for about a week due to lots of work at the day job, but last night I fired up the PC and threw myself back into Tamriel. Yep, still love playing The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

As I’ve posted before, I’m still playing my 60+ level Warrior Alchemist, and he’s as strong as ever. Pretty much any regular or vanilla enemy dies with a single jab of my Dragonbone dagger (well, a power attack at least). So it’s good that several mods I’ve installed are ratcheting up the challenge quite a bit.
There’s of course Deadly Dragons, which I have set up for now on Lore-friendly mode- this means the I’ve toggled off the various kinds of dragons not in the vanilla game (includes the weird Awakened Dragons and the Aspect of Alduin). Perhaps I’ll change this eventually. For now though I’m okay- I turned on Assault mode which basically sends a bunch of dragons (I set it to up to three) after me every several days. I recommend turning the Safe Zones ON, since when it was off you’d enter a city and dragon breath attacks would fall on you (and NPCs in the vicinity) with you able to do nothing to stop it. Weird.

Anyway, having three dragons trying to kill you is pretty challenging- I can still kill them pretty easily once they’re in range, but I have to be careful to avoid being too close when they land since the impact sends me flying (and can actually KILL me in this manner). I actually hate that feature, but so far I haven’t been able to turn it off. Well, at least it does give them another way to actually hurt or kill me.

I also installed Immersive Creatures, a mod similar to the old Monster Mod that adds a ton of new monster variations to the game. This includes dragon-humanoid hybrids called Dramans, tons of new draugr and undead which actually look pretty cool, and other stuff. Fortunately I haven’t encountered weird ‘skating’ enemies or creatures with no animations like I had with the Monster Mod on my previous computer. The new creatures look interesting, and I am having fun encountering new stuff.
I can’t remember what other mod I used to have higher level enemies, but it’s working well- I find myself encountering high level variant Bandits and Draugr (Draugr Immortals and Bandit Brawlers aplenty), and at least these guys can damage me pretty handily.

I’ve taken to finally progressing the Civil War and Main questline, and I want actually to defeat Alduin and unify Skyrim before heading off to Solstheim or joining the Dawnguard. Still quite a bit to do for my Alchemist. After that? Well that’s still a long ways off- perhaps a new character? We’ll see.

GophersVids: Giving Skyrim Let’s Plays a Voice and a Story

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Who needs daytime TV when I have Skyrim LPs?

I’ve probably posted about Youtuber and game modder GophersVids in the past, but hell- I’m posting about him again. What can I say- I love this guy.

If you’re a Skyrim fan, one thing that will totally help keep you playing and enjoying the world is a constant imbibing of media on this game- which luckily is not in short supply.
On Youtube there is a veritable constant stream of Skyrim content- countless Let’s Plays (basically just gameplay), live-action or Machinima skits or features (whether comedic or serious), mod videos, tutorials and so on.

But in the past several months, the best media that has kept me playing and enjoying Skyrim is GophersVids’ Let’s Play. The strange thing is, all he’s doing is playing a (heavily) modded Skyrim on PC; he’s not doing anything overly flashy or special aside from using quite a few mods (and adding or taking them off as he goes, since he IS a modder himself).

He’s not doing anything like doing speedruns (in fact, his LP is probably one of the most leisurely you’ll find- he doesn’t fast-travel or shortcut much), nor does he presume to play like a boss or be overly adept at the game.
But what Gopher does that makes his LP a cut above the rest is, well, his VOICE. Perhaps both literally and figuratively- the man has an amazingly smooth and mellow, English-accented voice which makes it perfect to be heard over hours. But more than that, his Voiceover for his LP (which, let’s face it- is basically what sets good LPs apart from just simple gameplay videos) not only commentates on the onscreen action, but he actually tells a story.

Just like his previous LP (which I actually haven’t watched, though I may someday), Gopher weaves a pretty detailed story into his vids, giving his onscreen character an actual name, background, character and motivation that he sticks to more or less religiously throughout the series. Yes, often he’ll break out of immersion to commentate on some things, or explain mods, but for the most part he stays in character- and that just makes for entertaining watches. This is, pretty much, a TV series for me. Mindboggling.

Gopher’s Skyrim Sanctuary series gives in-depth looks at some of the game’s cool mods.

His current character for example- a Breton named Richard- is supposedly a ‘Librarian’- a scholar on the run from the Thalmor who has found himself in Skyrim, getting into sticky situations and heroic problems that he’d much rather just avoid. Little by little though, the scrawny bookworm (and man, does he collect a ton of books) turns into a seasoned archer and yes, warrior, throughout the episodes.

It’s all just simple editing (no flashy tricks), his commentary and storytelling, but it makes for an absorbing, relaxing watch. Perhaps it’s something really only Skyrim gamers would appreciate, but hell don’t I find it an addictive habit. I certainly can’t do this myself (I don’t have the voice), but in my own time, as I play my own game, I guess I silently add my own story to my own Dovahkiin.

The most recent episode above of Gopher’s LP apparently ends the current Chapter and finishes the Dragonborn DLC, which always gives me a tinge of melancholy. He has said that he will continue to play Skyrim, perhaps taking on Dawnguard and the main quests- so hopefully I’ll have more soothing, English-accented gameplay vids to watch for a while longer. If you’re into Skyrim, check out Gopher’s channel and vids- simply awesome.

Skyrim Musings: Dragons Dragging?

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Fast Tube by Casper

A standard Dragon Attack in Raven Rock (with Deadly Dragons mod).

If there’s one thing that’s pretty glaring about Skyrim’s gameplay, it’s the dragons. Bethesda hyped these winged bad boys up (coincidentally, why aren’t there any female dragons? Or do even female dragons have the low voice?) as the game’s signature heavies, but really- once you level up a bit, they’re cake. You can predict what they can or can’t do, snipe at them or even just bash them in the face with your shield till they wilt, and BAM… dragon soul! Vanilla dragons have disappointed many gamers after that initial awesomeness when you face your first one in the game. But how to keep them dangerous- and therefore fun, throughout the game?

On PC, there’s a simple solution- MODS! There’s of course the very popular Deadly Dragons mod, which I installed and am using currently (you can see it in the vid above). The mod has a couple of main modes- the default one which throws quite a few new dragon types like a skeletal Dracolich, a slime-spewing Forest Dragon and more. Unfortunately, it can be a bit glitched and one time I got faced with something called an ‘Awakened Dragon’ which was immune to EVERYTHING I threw at it. So I decided to settle into the mod’s Loremonger mode, which just makes the dragons tougher- so tough though, that they kept one-shotting my dragonborn though he was a FULL HEALTH. Ouch!

Well, there’s another mod that just came out recently that may make Dragonslaying a whole new ball game- Dragon Combat Overhaul. So far I’ve been loving ‘overhaul’ mods, so I may give this one a try. It’s apparently compatible with Deadly Dragons, so this may result in a very cool experience.

Fast Tube by Casper

Make dragon fights interesting with this new mod!

I’ll probably post my own gameplay mods of DCO in action when I can. Man, I can’t wait to get back in front of my Laptop later. Heh…

UPDATE: Okay, unfortunately when I installed the DCO mod, the first dragon I encountered in Riverwood came with a load of stuttering, which persisted until the game just froze altogether. But yeah, before it did I killed the dragon as it was in the air, so it landed and did a bunch of frantic movements before it finally croaked- talk about overacting! Heheh.
Anyway, don’t know why that happened, but for now I’ve taken the mod off. I’ll make do with Deadly Dragons for now, which does indeed give the wyrms (even on Loremonger) a bunch of extra powers to make fights a bit more challenging. As it is though, on the lowest setting I can pretty much kill a regular dragon in less than three seconds on the ground once I close in and get my Dual Savagery on. It’s not unpleasant though to be powerful- I have no illusions that there are enemies or situations in the game where I can get one-shotted myself. I am reveling in my Dovahkiins strength right now since, well, I got to this point legit, not by glitching or cheating.
That all said, I’m still just at Level 51, which means there’s still a lot to do. Still can’t see the end of my Skyrim addiction yet… which is fine by me. Heh.

UPDATE AGAIN: I reinstalled Dragon Combat Overhaul in my new desktop, and it pretty much works like a charm. Have to say it’s really, really cool to have dragons acting differently than usual. Also great that the canned ‘death routine’ they do is now non-existent; nothing’s more cool than killing a dragon in mid-air and seeing them ragdoll and fall to the ground. Awesome.

The Skyrim and Groundhog Day Connection

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Am I getting tired of Skyrim’s Daily Grind? Nope.

I finally realized it. The reason why I am still playing The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (PC) about a year and a half after, even after finishing the game’s main quests once. Remember that cool flick Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? I think they’re linked in a way. In the same way that in the film, Murray’s character, a jaded journalist, is seemingly trapped and made to relive a day in his life over and over until he ‘gets things right’, it’s similar to Skyrim. Here in Skyrim, gamers with Obsessive-Compulsive Tendencies are destined to keep playing it till they also cover all the bases.

Take this into account. A couple of weeks ago, I was playing my Dragonborn Marcus, a Breton Assassin Mage. I had been playing him obsessively for hours each day, till I got him to the level 60s. At this point, he was incredibly powerful- a deadly Jack-of-all-Trades who has mastered every magical school, combat and the all-powerful smithing-and-enchanting combo (having a 100 in these two skills basically means you can equip yourself with the best gear). With stealth and spell, Marcus could sneak into most dungeons or enemy forts, walk right up to the boss, shove a dagger into his skull for a one-shot kill (Assassin’s Blade perk FTW) and be back at Breezehome in time for cornflakes.

Not to mention he has more money than he can ever spend (he’s secretly Skyrim’s main source of Paralysis-enchanted Daggers for Home Defense) and has finished the Thieves’ Guild, College of Winterhold and Companions’ questlines (which makes him the ‘leader’ of each faction). In my opinion of course, the Thieves’ Guild is the one faction that makes you really feel like ‘The Boss’, since it’s the one faction you really build up over a time and see the fruits of your labors.
Anyway, Marcus also finished the Solstheim Dragonborn quests, basically pummeling Miraak and getting a good bit the island’s Stalhrim before he headed back to Skyrim’s icy homeness. Still, there were tons of things left to do- there was still Dawnguard missions to finish, and possibly he could do the Dark Brotherhood quest for laughs (or he could just destroy them, for sending so many assassin against him), settle the irritating Civil War and, of course, handle the Dragon problem. All that plus still literally hundreds of sidequests and dungeons left to handle. So Marcus was far from finished, even at level 70.

But a couple of days ago, on a whim I suddenly started from square one AGAIN with a new Dovah- again a Breton, but this time named Knives- or, I later realized, perhaps Marcus V2. I realize now that Knives is meant to be everything Marcus eventually became, but in a ‘smarter’ and more efficient way, and to perfect him.
Particularly, I wanted Knives to be a stealth warrior off the bat- Marcus just became a stealth guy because I discovered a mod (Black Mage Armor) that gave you an awesome ninja-like face mask to wear; he was originally meant to be a full mage. Marcus’ Smithing and Enchanting skills meant he wore gear that can give him more-or-less unlimited access to spells, in addition to being able to deal lethal damage with dual daggers.

Ultimately though, I realized that magic is just not an efficient damage-dealer. It’s flashy and cool and all, but if you want an enemy dead, it’s better and faster with a blade, or with an arrow to the face. Spells are harder to aim and hit with (CPU mages aim and fire far faster and more accurately than you can ever do), and even Master-level Destruction spells aren’t really all that aside from the ‘Ooh’ factor.

So Knives will be primarily an Assassin/Dual-wielding Warrior with access to Magic (Illusion to aid stealth, Restoration for healing and wards to counter mages), with Conjuration for summoning instant back-up peons. I don’t intend to put ANYTHING into Destruction.
So far I think Knives is doing splendidly- at level 35, he’s pretty strong. Also, I made it a point to grab Teldryn Sero from Solstheim right away, so I can have an all-new companion this playthrough for most of the game (Marcus didn’t have access to Sero due to a weird glitch involving the Ultimate Followers Overhaul mod). I’m looking forward to most of the questlines to accomplish starting from here, so once again I’m having fun like I just started at this game yesterday.

Is it a sickness? Perhaps. Or maybe for some players who find that sweet spot, Skyrim is just a game that invites replay and experimenting, multiple paths and simple RPG bliss. Well, in the end I don’t really care and it doesn’t really matter. All I know is I’m still having fun in the land called Skyrim, and the lack of new beat ‘em ups is a problem so far away. Heh.

Skyrim Dragonborn: Your Chums in Solstheim

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Many a Skyrim player going into the latest DLC, Dragonborn (which coincidentally has just come out for PS3 if I’m not mistaken- congrats, PS3 Dovahkiin! Your wait has been rewarded) are going in quite fresh, like me. I know there are those vets who played Morrowind who will surely find visiting Solstheim a pleasant case of deja vu or maybe even a homecoming. But me- yeah, I played Morrowind a bit back on my original Xbox but I was never able to get into it. So now, as I find myself away from the familiar forests and hamlets of Nord country and in a place with giant mushrooms, alien-looking insects and a freakin’ VOLCANO, one can get a bit of culture shock. So when you find a friendly face in a strange land, it’s always a pleasure. Here are three NPCs whom you’ll probably find yourself dealing with a lot in your journeys on Solstheim.

A Telvanni Wizard who figures in a lot of quests in Solstheim.

A Dunmer (Dark Elf) Enchanter, ol’ Neloth is a Wizard Lord from the powerful House Telvanni. He’s pretty powerful but also quite conceited, arrogant and darn bossy- but he’s also quite hilarious with his very developed personality. Neloth’s first priorities are always his research, so things like an evil Dragonborn trying to take over the whole island are either a nuisance or somethig to be observed. He’ll be instrumental in some quests both in the main storyline and side missions, as well as his own bits which make him a pretty important part of the game. His unique mushroom manor, Tel Mithryn, is quite remarkable for it’s looks and nature, and the simple fact that it has an elevator that has KILLED me twice.

Neloth has several unique facets- his voice, which is quite funny and endearing in its irritating tones, and the fact that he possesses perhaps the only Staff Enchanter in this part of Nirn. The player can benefit a lot from Nel as long as they put up with his quirks and help him in various matters… I wouldn’t venture too much to call this guy a close friend, but I guess he can be trusted to a degree- and man, his house is a pretty cool place to visit.

Master blacksmith Glover here looks kinda familiar…

Another NPC you’ll be interacting a LOT with in Solstheim is Glover Mallory, the blacksmith of the town of Raven Rock. He’s a pretty refreshing sight, for starters simply because he’s a Breton instead of the usual Dunmer populating the town. He shares the same voice actor as many other male NPCs in the game (same as Farkas and Dirge) and seems to be very familiar. Well, those who have gotten into the Thieves’ Guild questline will recognize his name- Glover is the brother of good (or bad) ol’ Delvin Mallory back in Riften’s Ragged Flagon. He’s still a member of the guild, even this far away, and his doorway shows a shadowmark. After a few favors, he’ll give the Dovahkiin rewards that involve the guild, including some unique bits. Oh, and he’s got a pretty cool secret that players will surely want to follow-up when they get back to Skyrim.

The Best Spellsword in Morrowind!

And then there’s Teldryn Sero. You’ll find this somewhat shady-looking fellow in the inn/tavern The Retching Netch in Raven Rock. He styles himself as the best swordsman in Morrowind and will watch your back for a reasonable 500 septims- much like any other mercenary follower in the game. I say he’s well worth it. For starters, I LOVE his voice- it’s a new voice actor with the DLC, although he’s shared with some other characters like the Redoran Guards. Sero’s voice seems a bit aged, sly and pretty interesting overall. He’s also pretty kick-ass and uses both magic and his swordarm to beat down enemies.
Equipping this guy is a bit tricky- he’ll take really good Light Armor, but apparently will not take off his helm (a Chitin Light Helmet) for any reason- what secrets does he hold? Maybe you’ll find out in the course of your travels together. And travel you will, since Teldryn will be able to accompany your Dovah back to Skyrim after all your affairs in Solstheim are done.

I actually almost missed the pleasure of having this guy with me- throughout my entire playthrough of the main quest, I wasn’t able to hire Sero- for some reason, the option never came up. I eventually figured out it was an issue with the mod UFO (Universal Follower Overhaul), so I turned that off, dismissed my previous follower Marcurio (who suddenly appeared even though I left him back in Honeyside) and finally got the baddest Dunmer spellsword on my payroll. Sero has lots of things to say, so it will be cool to hear what his lines will be when we adventure in Nordland.

These three are just a few of the colorful characters you’ll meet in Solstheim. The Dragonborn DLC is already out on Xbox360, PC and PS3. If you ever needed a reason to get back (or get started) on Skyrim, there’s no better time.

Skyrim Dragonborn: Game-breaking Dragonriding Bug (and Workaround) Video!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Weirdness in the Final Battle with the Big Boss.

I’ve been playing (and totally enjoying) my time lately with the Dragonborn DLC for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Last night though, as I played through the final dungeon prior to the Main Quest’s endgame, I encountered a bug that could pretty much ruin the game.


After accomplishing various quests, my Dovahkiin finally acquired the tool needed to find and face his nemesis, the First Dragonborn, Miraak. Basically, it is a special Thu’um or Shout that lets you tame and control dragons (temporarily). With this Shout, you can take control of Miraak’s dragon Sahrotar and force him to fly you to the final confrontation. UNFORTUNATELY as you can see in the vid above, when the dragon flies off, my Dovahkiin is left sitting on thin air all by his lonesome as the wyrm lifts off… after which there’s nothing you can do. I waited it out and all that happens is that you’re left standing in the middle of Apocrypha, without a clue on what happens next. Repeated reloads, turning off various mods and setting the load order with Dragonborn lower didn’t work either.

FINALLY I tried out one solution that worked- I opened up the console and disable the Collision Detection (Type ‘TCL’). With the gravity gone, I could then WALK to Miraak’s Temple. I probably bypassed some encounters while riding on the dragon (there’s some flying combat things I think), but in the end, all that’s important is getting to Miraak. Once you talk to him, the final duel commences and that’s that.

Funny thing is, Miraak turned out to be pretty easy- laughably so, actually. He throws a ton of stuff at you- special shouts, crap from his staff and lots of lightning- but he never got me anywhere near heavily injured (well, my Dovahkiin’s a pretty tough nut by now, at level 65). After he’s beaten and given his just desserts, you get his Mask (pretty cool-looking), staff (kinda cool), sword (pretty horrible- figures why he was so damn weak) and clothing (meh). You then return to Solstheim.

Of course, as usual, finishing off Miraak doesn’t end the game- you can continue adventuring in Solstheim and finish off any sidequests or just keep on wandering to discover every secret (of which there’s a lot). And of course you can head on back to Skyrim and show off your shiny new Stalhrim weapons and spiffy new powers. Me, I’ve still got all the sidestuff in Solstheim, most of Dawnguard and the Vanilla quests to get into again from here on, so I’ve got a lot of things to play with yet.

Overall I think Dragonborn’s pretty cool- in some ways the world is bigger than Dawnguard, but it also seemed shorter. Perhaps it’s because of the ease since my character is so strong at this point. Not a biggie- it’s great to just have your lay of the land, and if you want more difficulty there’s always Master level and various mods to spice things up.
What’s next Bethesda? I’m ready for Redguard, so bring it on! Heheh.