An Hour with The Witcher 2 (Xbox360)

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Mature RPG story and gameplay ahead!

Even though I’m still very much into Skyrim (and look to be that way indefinitely), I am pretty much decided I’ll be taking on the adventures of Geralt the Witcher in the impending Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings on Xbox360. I think it’s pretty much supposed that if you’re into action-packed, awesome RPGs (Skyrim among them), the Witcher will be your next game to tackle. The comparison between it and Bethesda’s opus are inescapable, but while they’re both RPGs of exceedingly high quality, their differences are pretty significant. While Skyrim was an open world/do anything sandbox with a blank slate of a hero, Witcher 2 has a more character-driven focus: You play a specific character with a specific voice and story, although the paths ensure great variations on how the story develops.
Also, the look and feel is very different; both games are mature but Witcher 2 takes that extra step forward with actual nudity and sexual situations and more colorful language. The look is more like Medieval Europe with it’s heavily armored knights and men-at-arms, gaudily-dressed nobles and kings, more garish and grimy than the more earthy tones of Nordic-flavored Skyrim.

In short- you can surely be a fan of both games, since they’re both very different and looking very epic and awesome. Miss either one and you’re missing a lot.
Well, right now I know Skyrim’s awesome… but I’m pretty sure Witcher 2 will be as well. I’ll be grabbing my own copy when I can. For now, Gamespot’s Now Playing gives us a pretty good look at the game’s first hour, so check that out. right now.