V Has Come To… My Playstation 4!

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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is in the House!

It’s been a long, excruciating wait, and I actually delayed getting this mammoth title a couple of days… but it’s here. I got my copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for PS4, and I can’t wait to get into it. Well, I just may have to… I want to play Ground Zeroes before I get into Pain, though that may just take a session or two to do. I also have to contend with the fact that I am currently also playing Dragon Age: Inquisition (Again).

It’s not the first time I got a HUGE long-awaited game in my clutches and haven’t yet touched it- I bought The Witcher 3 when it launched, yet I’ve barely played it… though given that it’s gotten lots of patches and DLC, that may be a good thing- once I do get into The Witcher 3, it will be with a version much-improved over the launch version.

I don’t see that happening with The Phantom Pain though- I definitely want to start on this over the weekend, and at least get the quite lengthy opening segment over and done with. From there, we’ll see. Managing Skyhold and Mother Base at the same time shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Launch Trailer!

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Glorious melancholy marks what may be the Final Metal Gear Solid.

Preceded by a tweet from Hideo Kojima himself, here’s the Launch Trailer for the stealth action sequel, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It’s a remarkably shorter spot than you’d expect, but strangely fitting- with about 2/3 of it consisting of a montage of footage from past MGS games- a somewhat bittersweet look back at the series’ many chapters- from the original Metal Gear Solid to Snake Eater to Guns of the Patriots and Peace Walker. With Kojima and Konami parting ways, perhaps irreversibly, this may indeed be the last MGS as we have known it, and that truly is something to mull upon sadly.

The trailer continues though with a rather ominous segment from Phantom Pain, featuring the newest Metal Gear, plus a rather telling final segment that raises a TON of questions for this impending stealth-action epic.

It’s only about a week away. September 1. My Gosh, it’s been a wait but it looks to be worth it.

Musing About the Metal Gear Solid V E3 Demo

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30 Minutes of MGS Awesomeness to come.

It’s a bit late, but I’d like to chime in my thoughts about the next epic chapter of the MGS saga. Behind closed doors, Kojima Productions showed off their upcoming stealth-action sequel at E32014. Thankfully since then, the demo has made its way to Youtube, all 30 or so minutes of it (as you can see above from IGN). All I can say it, wow! Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain looks freakin’ amazing. But it’s quite refreshing to see that despite it looking all photo-realistic, there’s still that Kojima charm and surreal, comicky feel with the goofy but cool ‘Fulton’ gizmo that lets you capture enemy personnel and equipment for your own use. This was already existing in previous MGS games, but actually sending off the stuff you capture via super balloons (and the size of what you can capture is astounding) is off the wall amazing.

So far though the stuff shown is Snake taking on mundane obstacles and enemies- you just know all the freaky stuff like weirdo bosses and wild character designs will show up later. This is definitely a game I will be playing either on my XBox One or my PS4 (when I get it) with utter gusto.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising… CUTTING EDGE!

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Anticipation… RISING…

I just saw the E3 debut trailer for the upcoming Metal Gear title, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. After all these years, this title looks to give gamers what they’ve all been asking for… the ability to play as a bad-ass, super-powerful cyborg ninja. Konami missed the chance with MGS4, but this time it’s all about Raiden AND his sickeningly sharp blade. In fact, Raiden’s sword seems to be central to the gameplay, allowing you to CUT and CUT with exceptional precision. It leads me to thinking that maybe Rising will support the Sony Move or Microsoft’s Kinect motion control devices so you can direct your slashes like you’re waving an actual blade.

A fully-destructible environment and enemies open to cutting up as you please would be pretty sweet… and stress relieving to the max. Heheh.

Rising is probably set before the events of MGS4, perhaps revealing the events that turned Jack into a cyborg, plus his battles against The Patriots and rescue of Sunny Gurlukovich. Hopefully it will also show us events post-MGS4, to see where this white-blooded hero’s fate is headed. Can’t wait to start cutting up dudes when this comes out, whenever.

E32009: New MGS Games for Xbox360, PSP

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It’s barely the first day of E3 and some bombs have already been dropped. Namely stealth bombs, from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. For starters, the Xbox360 will finally be getting some MGS love, with Metal Gear Solid Rising. This new title will apparently star Raiden, the somewhat controversial Snake Alternate-turned-Cyborg Ninja. Whether it’s a prequel set before MGS4 revealing the circumstances behind Jack’s transformation into a white-blooded half-machine sword-slasher or a new mission set after Guns of the Patriots remains to be seen.

The other title revealed is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which apparently will be released on PSP. This may be another adventure starring the ubiquitous Big Boss.

Both titles are still shrouded in mystery, so we’ll just have to keep watching and waiting for anything else to be revealed in E3. Metal Gear, Metal Gear everywhere. Awesome!

And the Ball Drops: Kojima working on New Metal Gear

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IGN has reported that the latest Famitsu just spilled the beans on all the intriguing hoopla over at Kojima Productions. In a somewhat-censored interview with International Man of Mystery Hideo Kojima, it is revealed that the MGS creator is indeed working on a new Metal Gear game as director and game designer, and the MGS4 team is working on the title, and the game will be a proper entry into the series canon.
Recently, the Kojima ‘Next’ site revealed, within the current rain-and-lightning drenched field, a fleeting image of Big Boss. This has now been followed by an image of cyborg ninja Raiden, of course leading to logical speculation that he’ll be starring in this upcoming new chapter in the MGS saga.

Pretty cool stuff. Is Big Boss coming back from the dead (again)? Will this really be the cyborg ninja’s time to shine? Will we see ol’ David back for a cameo? Are those hot Beauties coming back? We’ll just have to wait. And considering how long Kojima games come- we’re in for a long one. More on this as we get it.

Metal Gear Solid 4 by Mega 64

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Here’s a sketch from videogame comedy group Mega 64 spoofing Konami’s flagship stealth action opus… made particularly awesome by a surprise guest at the end.

Metal Gear Solid Touch Sneaks In

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The latest MGS title, Metal Gear Solid Touch on the iPhone and iPod Touch, is here. Well, actually, it’s on the US and UK Appstore already, one full day ahead of its supposed release date. Unfortunately for us Asian fans of Old Snake, no sign of MGST on the Philippine store yet. Once it does, it’s a sure buy for me.

The game looks… well… it looks like MGS, albeit kinda flat. But still, the sound and music are spot-on amazing, and that alone is enough to make this title head and shoulders over most other iGames. Supposedly this intro version will contain 12 levels, with more to be added via updates to the game (free of course once you buy the game). Anyway, it’s not a simple ‘Duck Hunt’ with Snake, the zoom-and-snipe moments are cool and shootouts seem fairly intense. This should be an improvement over iSniper, in any case. More on this as I get it.

Metal Gear Solid Touch

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The debut trailer for Metal Gear Solid Touch for, well, the iPhone and iPod Touch, has just debuted online (the official site opened earlier this week). What can I say? I’m sold. Yeah, I know that talk before was this game was just a glorified version of Duck Hunt, but well, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to the trailer and site, the game seems to be an on-rails shooter, pretty much like the already-released Time Crisis Strike (also for iPhone/iPod Touch), with players taking the role of Solid Snake in his final mission. The game will have Snake shooting enemies from the game- PMC soldiers, FROGS aka Haven Troopers and the members of the Beauty and the Beast Unit. You’ll even get to tussle mano-e-mano with Liquid Ocelot himself. Basically you apparently run through the whole story of MGS4, just in portable, simplified form. Aside from straight shooting using your finger to riddle enemies with bullets, you can use the multi-touch to squeeze/pinch-zoom for sniping sequences.

Time Crisis for the iPhone is pretty cool, and I am thinking that if MGST is anything like that, it should be even cooler. Konami surely won’t just make a throwaway game- this should be at least polished to deserve the MGS monicker. Hey, having the ability to take on the Beautiful Beasts wherever you go is worth plunking a few dollars.

No word yet on a release date, but I’ll keep my eyes on this. Check out the debut trailer for MGST here.

Underwhelmed about MGS Touch

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Remember my post about being so enthusiastic about Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone/iPod Touch? Well, that has kinda diminished in the light of the revelation that the game will basically be a shooting gallery type of title. I never really expected anything more than that, I guess, what with the platform being a bit… limited. Still, being able to take down Gekkoes and FROGs with your finger shouldn’t be all that bad. I just hope the animation is better than, say, Lethal Enforcers. Anyway, if and when the game appears I’ll probably pick it up regardless.