X-COM: Enemy Unknown headed for iOS!

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2K’s Jake Solomon gives the goods.

Ah, the iPad. It seems you can do everything on it- surf the internet, send an email, see and talk to your relatives on the other side of the world, create artworks, watch movies… now you can add to that list ‘Take command of an ultra-secret international paramilitary organization dedicated to defending the Earth from hostile extraterrestrial threats’. And I once thought I’d never have any use for such a device.

Yep, 2K’s critically-acclaimed Sci-Fi Turn-based Strategy game, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, is headed for the appstore. Even better, this won’t be some dumbed-down, trimmed-to-the-basics version. According to 2K’s lead designer for the game, Jake Solomon, the iOS platform will be getting a ‘straight port’, with pretty much all the features that came with the PC and console releases. And as we can see in the vid, it also comes with touchscreen controls, which just seems to fitting for this game.

What can I say but WAAAHOOO!!! The iPad is a perfect platform for both this game’s mechanics and the storyline- you actually can imagine that you ARE the boss of X-Com, commanding the force incognito with your ‘iPad’. Strategy titles are always welcome to my device, and this one is a no-brainer, day one purchase. Looks like the game is well along in development, so it shouldn’t be too far away. Summer then- till then, I can get reacquainted with the PC version…