DC Universe Online “Fracture Future” Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

The Plot Thickens!

A second cinematic trailer for the superhero-themed MMORPG DC Universe Online has been released, once again featuring impressive animation and action. The story begun in the first DCU Online ‘Who Do You Trust’ trailer is continued here, revealing more of what happened between Brainiac’s invasion of the Future Earth and that world’s Lex Luthor coming to the Prime DC Universe and spreading the Exobots that have borne thousands of new super-beings. Anyway, it’s now apparent that not everything is as it seems (which we should have known, given the title of the first trailer), and the question remains- what is Luthor planning?
So far, DCU Online has been excellent both in its storyline, presentation and, judging from the game’s popularity, gameplay. It certainly seems to be the most successful superhero-themed MMO yet. If they keep this up, this could potentially be the new WOW… with capes.

Return to Arkham

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In the recently-held VGA Awards, several bombs were dropped, one of them being the announcement of Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. The awards featured a teaser trailer to the superhero sequel, which showed what appears to be the infamous penitentiary in absolute chaos, overrun by thugs and crazies, even as the head loon himself, The Joker, sat watching from his perch, looking a bit raggedy but still maniacally sinister and ready for a rematch. Looks like Bats is going to have an even more demented time than he had before.

The spot was cool but short and a bit vague- but probably we can count on The Joker and Harley Quinn at least returning for the sequel. I’d have posted the vid but Youtubers who posted it got slapped in the face with Copyright Claims from Viacom. If you wanna see it, head on over to Gametrailers.

What can I say? The first game was tops, but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s to seeing even more of the Gotham Rogues’ Gallery going up against Bats in the upcoming sequel (though I hope Poison Ivy returns), along with some surprises. Still a long ways to go for this one, so keep it in mind but don’t hold your breath.

Into the Asylum

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One of the titles I’m looking forward to in the very, very near future is the latest Dark Knight adventure, Batman: Arkham Asylum. I’ve seen quite a bit of the game so far, and I have to say… I like what I’ve seen. The monolithic, labyrinthine prison complex of Arkham, about as inseparable from the Batman Mythos as the Batcave, seems like a character all its own, along with full menagerie of Bat-villains populating the cells. The art style and character designs really appeal to me, capturing smartly the grit and darkness of the actual comics instead of the past cinematic romps. While a demo of the game should be due out shortly on both PSN and Xbox Live, MTV’s Multiplayer Blog has already posted the first 10 minutes of the game, showing off the intro and just a wee bit of action that’s set to be released this August 25. Looks like a buy for me- it should be something to get trapped in as I wait for my other big games this year.