Dead Island Stories: ARRGH!!! GIMME BACK MY GEAR!!!

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Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead (No Plot Spoilers Though)
Been playing quite a bit of Dead Island lately, and so far I’ve been on a good run with my first-ever character (Sam B., the One-Hit Wonder Rapper) in the game. Am currently on Chapter 8, having moved out from the confines of the resort and into the wider world of Banoi’s mainland city, Moresby.
At this point, I was feeling that I had finally gotten the hang of zombie-killing. In Dead Island though, you’re never really quite safe- the game levels up with you, so grinding too much won’t make you invincible. Far from it- even slow Walker zombies can kill you if you’re stupid, and the always-chilling Infected- the most rabid and dangerous of the common enemies- can kill you in a flash. Getting mobbed by groups of zombies is almost a sure way to die, so the best thing is to run- to either flee (although enemies will pursue you for a while) or give yourself room so you can take on enemies one at a time.

The most effective and trouble-free tactic I’ve learned though in the urban sprawl of Moresby is to use the many derelict cars. Zombies after you? Jump on a car. Even that low height is usually enough to keep you safe, even if the undead are really only inches away. From there on your lofty perch, simply kneel down and strike at the bastards with abandon. Soon your sanctuary will be surrounded with the bloody ruin of their bodies. Bliss.

Aside from this, I’ve been making it my priority to look for exceptional weapons and modify the hell out of them. After a while, I had amassed quite an arsenal, which included several wicked-looking electrified or skull-crushing wrenches that would make Jack Ryan green with envy.

I tallied my count of items- miscellaneous stuff you use for mods or just selling off- and I saw several bottles of Champagne. Remembering a side mission for a drunk Russian gal who paid in diamonds for every bottle of the bubbly, I hustled back to the resort to cash in. On the way of course was the token gauntlet of zombies- mostly fodder walkers and one Thug. Thugs are, of course, the routine Boss of the game, a tank-like zombie who can knock you down on your ass with a single swipe. Sadly I haven’t really mastered fully the timing of attacking these brutes in close, so I opted to just throw my arsenal at him from a distance.

I lured him away from the dock and into the water, where we could be alone- and I started pelting him- soon, he was looking like a walking pincushion, with my modified electrified wrenches, nailed bats and upgraded paralyzing machetes sticking out of him. For good measure, I’d slip in a safe kick every now and then, grab a weapon right from him, and throw it again. He was a tough sucker, but I was whittling him down. Soon, he was down to about a fourth of his life bar. Victory was in sight. Just a couple more good throws.
Suddenly, I heard something shuffle and groan off in my peripheral vision, and I turned- and lo and behold what was standing there was a goddamn Suicider Zombie- a walking, pulsating pile of pus that exploded with nuclear ferocity if something sneezed on it. I didn’t do anything, but for some reason- perhaps the Thug hit it or what- the damn creep detonated. At that distance, there was no escape- I was dead.

Of course, death in Dead Island is not permanent- you respawn after a few seconds, just minus a portion of your cash. But in this case, I also lost something else- MY FREAKIN’ WEAPONS, which were stuck on the damn Thug! Unfortunately, instead of respawning me right where I died, the game threw me at a checkpoint area, some distance away from the actual place. The Thug was nowhere in sight, along with my weapons. GONE, into reset oblivion. I was fuming and foaming at the mouth- ALL my hard-earned gear was gone! I quit the game, hoping that I would be reverted to an earlier save with all my stuff intact- but nope- I was trapped right there, post-Suicider Explosion, bereft of all my cool stuff.

WHAT THE HELL!!!!! I have to admit, I was cursing and cussing for about an hour after in disbelief at the incredible bad luck. That a turtle-fast Suicider was able to creep up on me undetected, while we were in the middle of the water was inconceivable. I was convinced the game just got pissed at me and threw me a bloody curve. What an ass!!!

Anyway, in the end what could you do but pick yourself up and start all over again. I went off and restarted my arsenal-hunting, and as of this reading my gear is even cooler and more zombie-killinglicious than ever before. Suffice to say though, unless I’m in a locked room with a Thug, I won’t be throwing my gear so readily from now on.

Back to playing then…

Headed for the Big Screen: Dead Island, Mortal Kombat!

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Some recent game-to-movie news. Survival Horror Hit Dead Island will be coming to theaters care of Lionsgate Films, while Warner Bros. has given MK Legacy Maven Kevin Tancharoen the Go Ahead for a Theatrical Reboot Release of Mortal Kombat.

Fast Tube by Casper

To star Adrien Brody and a CG-youthenized Dakota Fanning. Kidding.

Zombie movies are all the rage these days- will that still be the case in a couple of years, when Dead Island’s theatrical debut hits? Probably. We’ve seen so many permutations of the shuffling/stalking/running undead/infected genre (still quite a few coming, like Juan of the Dead and World War Z), so what does Dead Island have new to offer? Bikini-clad zombies is a good start I guess, but then according to a press release by the L.A. Times, the film will feature “family ties and non-linear storytelling”.

Based on that, my impression is that they’re going to take that emotional debut trailer as inspiration, which I feel is kinda off the mark. Downer films just don’t hit it with me- and really, that story of the tragic family in the ad? It’s been told, and it’s DONE. Do we need to see an hour and a half version of that? Perhaps a more tongue-in-cheek Zombieland (Zombie Island?) approach would be better.

Fast Tube by Casper

The short film that started it all.

As for the future Mortal Kombat film, Kevin Tancharoen’s web series was mostly awesome, so this is pretty great news. He’s supposedly going for ‘more realism”… well, as real as a story with ice-throwing ninja and thunder gods-in-the-flesh can be. With a bigger budget (but less than 100 million, supposedly) perhaps we can have awesome scenes in Outworld without having to resort to animated cut-aways.

With the next MK movie due in 2013 (supposedly coinciding with the next MK game), there’s really no reason to worry about this till the first trailer hits. Anything is possible, I guess. Let’s cross our fingers that this next theatrikal release avoids Annihilation.

Ten Things About: Dead Island

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How’s Banoi been treating ya?

1. Straight in, I’m loving the atmosphere of Dead Island. A tropical paradise gone utterly, terribly wrong is an awesome setting for a survival-horror game, and this feels fresh and new for someone who has been playing these kind of games for years.

2. The world is pretty, but the people aren’t. Everyone has a dead-eyed stare, whether they’re living or undead. All the women, bikinis notwithstanding, look haggard- of course, no one’s been able to put some makeup on since this crisis started.

3. Zombies respawn once you leave an area, but luckily, so do items and cash drops.

4. Whoever did the sound for this game ought to get a bonus. This game sounds damn scary. The roars and snarls of the undead will make you jittery and worried even if you’re a stone cold zombie killer vet.

5. Voice acting though is all over the place. Jamaican? Australian? Was that a Brooklyn Gangster accent?

6. Analog controls make the melee fighting in this game something special.

7. I think a missed opportunity in this game is a Day/Night cycle. Banoi would be ten times creepier in the dark, but then I guess it’s also a testament to how great the atmosphere is that they can get away with scares in broad daylight.

8. Annoyingly I found a gun as a reward from a quest but wasn’t able to pick it up for some reason (not high level enough?). Haven’t found a freakin’ gun since. Darn it!

9. The driving in this game is damn fun. Scratch that- the driving through zombies in this game is damn fun.

10. I’m still only at 13% Main Quest completion??? How long is this freakin’ game anyway?

Dead Island Gameplay Walkthrough

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Fast Tube by Casper

‘Hitting on a girl’ takes a new meaning in this game…

After the emotional CG trailer, it was inevitable that Dead Island would finally show it’s nitty-gritty; actual gameplay. Well, this quite lengthy vid shows off about 11 minutes of in-game action and interaction. DI is basically a first-person and less comedic version of Dead Rising. It’s a melee-heavy survival horror open world romp, set on a gorgeous tropical island paradise. Sounds pretty cool, and the vid gives me high hopes.

I particularly like the setting, the way your character’s dialogue ‘levels up’ as your experience with killing (re-killing?) zombies pile up. Predictably the presentation is a bit rough still, and even the supposedly live characters look kinda zombie-ish. Still, I think I may be taking an undead-heavy vacation in the near future. For now though, check out the vid above.

About the Dead Island Trailer…

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Fast Tube by Casper

I finally get to talk about the trailer that left me dead inside.

It’s a bit late, I know, but I guess I should post my thoughts about the Dead Island trailer. This spot debuted some time ago and just took over the internet and gaming headlines for a while, like some kind of zombie plague. I watched it then, tried to think nothing of it, and then freakin’ thought about the damn spot for the whole night until the morning. It stayed in my head and since then I’ve been trying to just forget it and go on to happier stuff like beating people senseless.

Because that is what the trailer does to you- it depresses. In stark contrast to the usual zombie trailers that thrill, chill, gross you out or even make light of the situation, this one makes the situation of unthinking, unrelenting, merciless death close to home. It is coming for you and your family and you will see them die in your arms then give you the abject horror of having to kill them again just to survive yourself.

Looking at it now, the trailer is brilliantly visualized, and the slow motion action and reverse-chronological order turns everything into a puzzle that only hits you once it clicks (there have been versions online that show it in chronological order but I haven’t watched these).

But I think the most affective and effective aspect of the trailer is simply the music. Not The Kid (The Walking Dead trailer had a child but that didn’t make me tear up, even if it was horrible). It’s that sorrowful, heartbreaking score than speaks of normality violated and chewed to bloody bits. Like in many other CG cinematics, it’s the music that tugs the heartstrings the most. Try it- set the trailer to some chilling action or suspense theme- it won’t hit as hard.

Anyways, Dead Island has since gone on to have rumors about a movie being optioned already (supposedly debunked) and stuff. Well, the trailer was awesome, but let’s see the game. I have to say though that I don’t really find myself wanting to wallow too much in something depressing, so I hope the actual in-game music is a bit more… player friendly.

Dead Island is an upcoming Survival Horror title that breaks it down to the survival basics- no guns or heavy firepower, just you and whatever you can scrounge from an undead-infested island resort with no escape in sight. No word yet on when this is out, but I guess we’ll hear of it soon enough.