Anime Break! Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing (Episodes 1 and 2)

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Giant airship battles, feisty flying cuties… Yep, Last Exile’s back.

A long time ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away… I was a younger Otaku who guzzled anime like soda. During that time, Gonzo was the studio often in the spotlight, and Last Exile was one of their classics. This series, full of cloudy worlds and warring airship fleets surely captured the minds of countless anime fans, mixing steampunk with mystical powers, light-hearted adventure (initially) with more dark, serious drama. Truth be told, I need to re-watch the series again to remember all the details, but it’s still the first title I quote when I want to bring to mind awesome anime. So now, the sequel, Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, is here, airing on Animax here in Manila every weekend, same time as Japan.

Set in another part of Prester, far from the warring states of Anatoray and Disith in the first LE, this time we take on the conflict between the Kingdom of Turan and the Ades Federation. I guess parallelisms to Phantom Menace are inescapable with Turan being smaller and seemingly less aggressive with their cute princesses and graceful, T-shaped airships, while we can see the more foreboding and militaristic Ades fleet as the ‘bad guys’- well, since they broke a supposed peace accord and started attacking with no provocation, that’s pretty unmistakable. Into this conflict barge in the titular Fam Fam Fan, a young Sky Pirate with amazing Vanship skills (and a nasty habit of sleepwalking… dangerous when you’re on a freakin’ AIRSHIP).

Though they’d probably be better off just staying out of the action and just hijacking the occasional lone airship, for some reason Fam and her Sky Pirate gang come to the aid of Turan- showing that good guys stick together, or perhaps the Sky Pirates just don’t like seeing bullies- at first saving the embattled princesses escape then later personally flying one royal highness back to Turan. Obviously though, as the war continues with no end in sight, Fam, her people and the princess she’s taken under her wing are in for the journey of their lives.

At just by the second episode there have been a couple of big battles, tons of Vanship daring-do, the return of old favorite Dio Eraclea from the first series, the revelation that there’s another Exile, or giant super-powered starship, in existence and a whole city pulverized (which shows that this new series isn’t all cute and fluffy). What the bad guys are planning, what other familiar faces like Tatiana Wisla will play in this conflict and what one spunky little Sky Pirate can do in all this will be revealed I guess, as Silver Wing flies off in earnest.

Veteran Otaku who’ve seen the first Last Exile series will no doubt have more of a leg up going into this series, but also perhaps have the baggage of comparing it with the original- I say take Fam for what it is- a new tale in the same world, familiar but a whole different story. For the rest, don’t dwell too much in things that don’t make sense- just hang onto Fam, bask in the gorgeous visuals and music, and enjoy the ride.

For now, I guess, I gotta dust off those anime VCDs and have an original Last Exile marathon very soon.

Game of Thrones: 14-minute Sneak Preview!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Winter’s Coming! And so is this Kick-ass Epic Series!

The HBO Adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s dark midieval/fantasy epic, A Game of Thrones, is almost upon TV viewers. But nicely enough, we can grab a look at the conspiracies and mystic threats with this lengthy peek. Right now all I can say is, WOW. This is one adaptation that reeks of quality, as in Lord of the Rings-type detail (having Sean Bean doesn’t hurt either). Sadly no orcs or goblins or trolls to be found, but as you’ll see there are inhuman threats to the peace in the world of Westeros.
Don’t let the shortage of fireball spells and magic swords derail you- what will enthrall in this series are the complex characters, the cunning interplay and political intrigue that spares no one in this deadly game for the throne and crown of the continent.

If it sounds quite heady, it is- this is one series you’ll want to watch with a sober head. But really, it’s one any fantasy fan cannot miss. For now, check out the preview as the show debuts later this month on HBO.