Sega Celebrates 20 Years of Beating People Up!

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The first ever VF intro shows just how far fighting games have come.

Man! Has it really been 20 years? This week, Sega of Japan started their commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of their flagship fighting game, Virtua Fighter. This classic beat ‘em up is pretty special- it was the first 3D brawler, using polygons instead of the usual 2D sprite work of the time, which was unheard of. Yes, the characters looked like marionettes with their blocky bodies and it all looked kinda silly in stills, but whoa- when you first saw this game in action, the movement and animation (then at 30 FPS) conveyed the kinetic power and movement like nothing else. VF didn’t need blood or fatalities- the weight and power of the throws, punches and kicks seemed to hit and feel REAL. That was so awesome.

Since then, Sega released other fighters along the way, but their number one beat ‘em up was always VF. To date, Virtua Fighter has seen five chapters, many of which fortunately have come home to consoles- the original VF and VF2 to the Sega Saturn (and much later to PS3), VF3 to the Sega Dreamcast, VF4 to the PS2 and VF5 to the Xbox360 and PS3. The latest and best version of VF5, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown was released as a downloadable title for PS3 and Xbox360 and is a MUST for any true fighting fan (and a bargain at its price), and one of my absolute favorite fighters.

So, what does this 20th Anniversary business mean? Sega recently set up a new website for this event, and there will supposedly be new VF content posted there for fans and players to enjoy. But what else? Supposedly the AM Team is working on the next chapter- Virtua Fighter 6- but we’ve yet to see real, solid signs of this. All I can say is that if VF6 is coming I hope and pray it comes to PS4 or XBox One. For now, all we can do is wait. Happy Anniversary, VF!

FIGHTING WORDS! VIrtua Fighter Dialogue, Translated!

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What ARE you all saying???!

I LOVE Virtua Fighter. As far as I’m concerned, it’s right there at the top of my fighting game MUST-HAVE games, with Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown being the crown jewel. But yeah, it’s always been a bit of a sore point that Sega hasn’t really gotten around much to giving us a clear look at their cast of fighters. The overall VF Storyline, for example, is a mysterious mess that is hidden behind arcane lore you’ll have to research for as it is only vaguely referred to in character backgrounds.

But even on the basic level- throughout its entire history of five games and several upgrades, VF has never given us translations of the characters’ words in-game; never has a subtitle ever given us meaning to the fighters’ cool talkbacks. Well, that gets remedied today!

Over at VFDC, a nice thread has been posted with a cool listing of the Japanese-speaking charaters’ dialogue with english translations. So now we can finally find out when someone’s talking trash, giving threats or being polite. For the most part though, a lot of the stuff they say isn’t really that mystifying or unusual- but you may be pleasantly surprised by a few of the lines. Check them all out over here.

Sega Retro-Fun: Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and More

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Fast Tube by Casper

Ah, the good ol’ days of the arcade…

Sega’s been on a roll lately with retro-releases on PSN and Xboxlive. After the awesomeness that was Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, they’re going a bit deeper into their attic to bring the Model 2 arcade games to consoles. Chief among the releases are fighters: Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic Fighters.

Virtua Fighter 2 is often considered by some Hardcore VF fans as the best in the franchise even to this day. The sophomore installment of VF ramped up the looks from the previous blocky debut and greatly expanded gameplay as well. This was never really brought home in an arcade perfect way (the Sega Saturn version was adequate but not spectacular), so maybe many years from the arcade release, fans will finally be able to play a pixel perfect port (probably not but heck, it does look slick). Personally, I’ve already got all the VF I need with FS, but the Nostalgia fun factor should be strong with this one.

Fighting Vipers is one of those side-releases of Sega in the Beat ‘Em Up genre, along wtih weapons fighter Last Bronx. FV features a crew of offbeat fighters, each of whom comes wearing armor or outfits that can be broken off in parts as the action heats up. Never really got into this, I always found it a bit too bouncy and wacky, unlike the realistic (relatively) action of VF.
As for Sonic: The Fighters… well, it’s SONIC. Ever wanted to beat up Tails? Now’s your chance. Heheh.

This is coming to Japanese PSN in November… no word on the US release. I’m sure we’ll hear news soon though. This made me want to play VF5FS now. Gotta go…

Interview with Team Ninja and Sega AM2!

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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown came out recently on PSN and Xbox360 (if you’re a fighting game fan, GET IT NOW DAMMIT). In just a couple of months, we’ll be seeing the next wave of big-name beat ‘em ups, one of them being Tecmo-KOEI’s comeback fighter, Dead or Alive 5.
One of DOA5′s cool features is the inclusion in the roster of several fighters from VF- so far namely Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant. Just how did this ‘DOA X VF’ come about? Well, that actually has been taken up and explained by both Tecmo’s Team Ninja and Sega’s AM2 together in an interview conducted by 4Gamer recently.
Versus City just posted the pretty lengthy English translation of the article, and it’s pretty cool. Check it out over here.

The Lone Gamer’s Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Review: Mastering the Fine Art of Beating People Up

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Jacky and Sarah wanna play.

Yeah, Tekken Tag 2 and Dead or Alive 5 were slugging it out for beat ‘em up fans’ attention during E3… but really, for me- the first week of June was all about ONE fighting game… and that was Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. It’s a kinda-sorta-new-but-also-technically-old fighter; probably not as shiny fresh as TTT2 or DOA5, but hell- for everyone outside Japan, this is all new and it’s all good. Legions of beat ‘em up fans begged, prayed, demanded, threatened and wished for Showdown to make it to non-Japanese arcades or consoles, and finally, somehow, someway, they were answered and here it is. If you’re one of those VF-ers or old school fighting game fans, you probably already know about this game a bit; and you probably already have it. But what of the rest who aren’t as in the know? Is this Virtua Fighter upgrade something you wanna plunk some PSN credits or MS Points for?

Fast Tube by Casper

Clap yourselves on the back, VF Community and friends- we did it… we got game!

VF5 Final Showdown (VF5FS for short) is the latest (and probably last) upgrade to the original VF5 (released in 2007). Seeing as it took five years of solid arcade play feedback, FS incorporated TONS of changes which pretty much make it a totally different game from Vanilla. Two new fighters are added to the roster. Every character gets major changes to their move lists. Stages have been remixed and redone. Overall, animations are even more fluid and expressive, with more intense and lifelike reactions to hits… really, this game makes the moves look even more hard-hitting than ever before. Gameplay-wise, it’s a lot faster and even more refined… but most importantly it’s been actually streamlined and simplified to make it more accessible to new players than ever before. ZOUNDS!

Here’s the Big Scary Thing that’s always been there about VF- it’s that this game is Freakin’ HARD to play. ‘You need Zen-like dedication to master characters like Akira or Shun’ was the thing usually said. Well, that was probably something Sega could afford to say years ago- I guess it was a bit of an elite thing. But nowadays, that’s something you don’t want to hear… gamers get frustrated, don’t feel they will get instant grat for a little effort, they’ll walk away. So now, I’m here to tell you guys- it’s NOT that hard. It’s actually pretty easy to play. Yes, it will take practice and lots of it to MASTER, but you can play quite quickly, and get good with just some bit of effort and patience.

Quashing the Myth
The game uses three buttons- Punch, Kick and Guard. That’s it. You tap up or down to do a ‘Defensive Move’ or sidestep/evade in-close, or to move ala 8-way run in Soul Calibur if elsewhere in the stage. The key to VF isn’t really about hard-to-do moves (though there are quite a few of those). Moves are easy to DO- the trick is knowing WHEN to do them. Timing is important- when to tap up or down to do that evade and sidestep; the wrong timing will have you eating a fist or foot- the right timing will put you on the opponent’s vulnerable side. Intimidating? Maybe- but that’s really what it’s all about in any fighting game.
VF-style is all about in-close, melee brawling, pitting one usually real-world, authentic martial art against another, one player’s mind and skills against another. No fireballs, no magic, no aliens (aside from a decidedly alien-looking metallic ever-there end boss). It’s about as straightforward a fighting game can be, without becoming boring or mundane as a sports action simulator. Perhaps that’s going a bit far- VF still has some trappings of the classic mainstream beat ‘em up, but it concentrates mainly on the fighting itself, rather than side stuff like back story, fantasy/mythology or flashy supers.

Jean Kujo AKA Karateka is the latest addition to the VF roster.

VF5FS has 20 fighters in the roster- not large, considering that other games have double that number and more. But each of the characters in VF is unique, possessing a huge move list and wealth of strategies to use- yes, it will take lots of time to master even one character completely… but again, that’s the trick- you don’t have to unless you want to. All you need is to find the fighter you like; learn a few key moves. Know when to block and evade. Know when to move. Know about throws and throw-escapes. Practice a bit… and you’re set. Before you know it, you’ve been playing for hours, it’s the early hours of dawn. Yes, if the VF bug bites you, it bites hard.

Graphics and Animation
You’d ask, how could VF5FS look great when it’s basically VF5- a game that’s been out since 2007? Well, it’s NOT really the same game- same engine, but minutely there have been details which have refined and improved the visuals all these years. Characters are wonderfully detailed, and have lost the plastic sheen from early on, details are a bit better and well, lots of new items and costumes have kept the look fresh. Cloth animation is amazing to see, particularly on characters like the kimono-clad Aoi (unless you take off most of her clothing, that is). For the most part, VF’s beauty is also in it’s motion- there’s a quality to the animation that makes it more lifelike (relatively) compared to other fighters- and the slams, throws and hits in VF seem more hard-hitting and intense than anywhere else.

Gameplay Modes
The Fighting action of VF5FS is it’s strong point, and is basically as pure as can be. 19 characters (20 counting the unlockable end boss, Dural) to use, master and throw against the others either in some limited offline single player or local VS play, or in the potentially limitless arena of online play. As much as I am a single player guy, I have to sadly say that the offline content of VF5FS is at least adequate, at best.

There’s Arcade Mode, which is your usual fight your way to the end boss type of thing. Score Attack is similar but timed.

License Challenge has you fighting a semi-tutorial gauntlet of various tasks, ranging from simple to less simple to downright hard. There are about fifty challenges with tens of fights going up the ladder (you go up in rank), so this will take quite a bit of time to finish completely, unless you’re a VF monster. A Survival mode of sorts is actually buried in this mode, unlocked for anytime use once you beat it.

Finally Special Sparring is the somewhat truncated return of Arcade Quest mode/Kumite- you fight various groups of themed opponents, the schtick here being that they are all customized using the game’s matchlessly huge assortment of customization items (to unlock and use this mode you MUST have all the character customization DLC installed)- this is cool but I wish there was a way to randomize customizations or add more teams/enemies.

Tutorial mode or Dojo is made in the same vein as the much-revered training mode in the PS2 Virtua Fighter 4, and should be something good for new players. It has tons of options for honing your skills, including frame counters that allow you to get the timing down for the more complex moves. Nice options include the ability to give the CPU several attacks that it will randomly mix up and throw at you, which should help immensely any newcomer’s game when it comes to the stiff competition online.

Darn, I really wish the Offline VS allowed you to setup Player VS CPU fights… sigh… Why is it that only Project Soul puts that option in their games..?

Fast Tube by Casper

THIS is how you do Customizations, Other-Fighting-Game-Makers!!!

Oh, and yes, there’s the Character Customization. Once you pay the reasonable $30 DLC (get the two character bundles), you get basically the BEST Character Customization in a fighting game out there. Yes, it kicks Tekken Tag 2′s ass and makes Capcom’s crap DLC extra colors look positively retarded. There are literally hundreds of items to use per character, and it ranges from stuff to make your fighter look cool or sexy or badass or scary, or just silly (as opposed to some other games which seem to just know how to make them look boring or generic). Perhaps only Soul Calibur comes close, but the items are just not as good or varied as yet (they’re several years behind, after all). All that plus, yes I will say it- VF out-fanservices Dead or Alive too- who says you can’t be sexy (yes, bikinis) yet still be the most legitimate and hardcore fighting game around? VF can and does.

If you think Sarah’s bikini is skimpy, wait till you see what the guys are wearing…

That’s basically it for the Single Player, but then you can crank up the Difficulty to raise the challenge- the good part is that the CPU A.I. is pretty awesome- it doesn’t feel cheap here like in similar games. There’s just something about the style of play that makes every win makes you feel badass and just a little bit better- that’s where the pleasure of this game is… seeing yourself get better and kick arse handier with every new fight. Yes, it will take a long time to master any single character, but if you just get into it, you’ll enjoy yourself all the way.

As for Online, I have to admit- it’s a bit more playable than, say, Tekken 6 or Mortal Kombat, but still… a bad connection means lag and frustrating fights. THAT was on the US servers. As for the Asian servers… I tried but there seems to be no one playing. Sigh. So I’ll probably append this when I get to play more… and I WILL.

+ Still one gorgeous-looking fighting game on par with more recent fighters; animation is still second to none
+ Simply the most balanced, deep, refined and satisfying fighting action available anywhere
+ Best character customization with tons of items and costumes per character
+ Costs less than disc-based games

- No Story mode or general shortage of single player content
- Online is better but still laggy unless you’re playing against same-region players

VF5FS isn’t about slick CG and flashy, funny modes- yes, it’s a pretty bare essentials package (but with thousands of customization items though…) in terms of modes, which kinda makes it similar to Namco-Bandai’s Soul Calibur V. But VF is all about the nitty-gritty; the actual fighting, the core action. And IF you get into that, if you’re a beat ‘em up fan who loves seeing awesome fighting gameplay that CAN satisfy casual to master-level players like no other game, then you’re going to have a ball. Just getting better, just seeing your Sarah, Shun, Jacky or Akira dominate is pleasure in this game.

See You in the Arena!
Here’s the simple, plain fact. VF5 Final Showdown is pretty much the best fighting game you can get out there right now, plain and simple. Plus at less than $45 dollars it’s a freakin’ STEAL. It’s just as fast and hardhitting as Tekken, sexier than DOA, and it’s got a guy in a gi like Streetfighter. What’s not to love? If you’re a beat ‘em up fan, spend the bit of change, get this game and discover the finest one-on-one brawling there is out there. Practice a bit, and go online and play. Let’s keep the fight alive and kicking, shall we?

Let’s Dress Up! Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown’s Character Customization

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Fast Tube by Casper

Hey! Aoi actually has legs under those hakamas… Mmmm…

With all the hubbub about upcoming fighting games at E3 2012, beat ‘em up fans also have an awesome treat that’s available right NOW. It’s Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, a Downloadable, home version of the once Japan-only upgrade to the original VF5. Here’s some little bits you need to know about this game

• NO, You do NOT need a VF5 disc to play it
• It costs $14.99 for the base game, but you owe it to yourself to spend the extra $30 for the two Character Customization bundle packs for all the characters to experience this game in the fullest.

Really, Character Customization is one of the coolest features of fighting games (well, ANY game, actually) in this current generation, and VF5FS has, without a doubt, the best customizations out there- the variety and quantity of items and outfits (you customize everything from eyes to fingernails along with clothing tops and bottoms) is just mind-boggling.
Yeah, it’s not perfect- instead of letting you mix or assign colors yourself there’s simply multiple-colored versions of articles, plus some characters have more items than others. It’s not quite like Soul Calibur’s Character Creation, but that’s not really the same thing (plus VF5FS’s character models are still better than SCV’s IMO).

Anyway, check out the vid above for a look at how detailed the customizations are, and in the vid below to see a couple of fights in Special Sparring Mode, a single-player mode where you fight teams of customized CPU opponents that is only playable/unlocked if you have ALL the Character Customizations for all characters installed (Really dudes, get all the stuff. Live a little, dammit). Currently I am having a ball losing sleep every night just playing this damn game. The fighting action and needing to just get better at kicking ass is just so addictive. Damn, I love this game… Sega, I love ya!

Fast Tube by Casper

I really dig Aoi’s off-the-shoulder kimono; shades of Asuka’s Diceroller look in T5DR.

Fast Tube by Casper

Aoi picks a fight with the Sephiroth wannabee, Jean Kujo.

Early VF5 Final Showdown Reviews

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Mr. Kujo would like to have a word with anyone badmouthing VF…

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown hasn’t been out long- it just got released on XBL yesterday. But there are quite a few reviews on the game already online, so anyone still on the fence about VF5FS can get some views on it from sources other than rabid VF fans (who are probably too busy playing to review it anyway).
Me, I already got my copy (PS3), already playing- review will be up in due time. For now though, check out the following VF5FS reviews from PS Nation, Gamers Daily News, Game Revolution and Shoryuken.

Thanks to reader Trevor for sharing these links! The game is looking and playing awesome right now… makes the wait for Tekken Tag 2 and DOA5 so much easier now. Heheh…

Dead or Alive 5 at E3 2012: Trailers and Characters!

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Fast Tube by Casper

The latest DOA5 Trailer shows off more Hotness in Store.

Tecmo-KOEI is showing off Dead or Alive 5 right now at the current E3, and they’re showing it off a LOT. The game’s latest build is on-premises and online being showed off on Youtube by the IGN Pro League, with more characters now being revealed. The latest trailer reveals the return of DOA4′s geisha-in-training and Bajiquan fighter Kokoro, with the kimono-clad cutie tussling with VF’s Akira Yuki. Wrestling maven and Hollywood star-wannabee Tina Armstrong also returns, and towards the end we see ANOTHER hot and deadly blonde, in a telltale blue catsuit… yep, Sarah Bryant joins the cast of DOA5 as well, further expanding the Virtua Fighter presence in this brawler- and I have to say, I like how they introduced Sarah.

Seems to be that we’ll be seeing a LOT of DOA5 from this show, with multiple character trailers showing off a fighter, his/her alternate outfit and some action. Color me quite intrigued and interested in this upcoming brawler- guaranteed I’ll be getting this come September. Still hoping that they eventually implement actual KO’s into the game. For the most part the game looks gorgeous- no surprise there, but I did find Tina’s alternate wrestling outfit with the high-heeled boots kinda tacky. On the other hand, I am overjoyed that Hitomi is FINALLY back in her karate gi.

Fast Tube by Casper

Kasumi: Still as beautiful and deadly as ever.

Fast Tube by Casper

Christie’s looking… FINE. But I still hate the mannish suits.

Fast Tube by Casper

Mr. Yuki’s ready to introduce the DOA fighters to his SPoD.

Characters obviously will be sporting multiple outfits, but there seems to be some form of customization as well- at one point in the E3 trailer, Christie could be seen in her suit, wearing a yellow helmet that doesn’t seem to me to be default to that costume. Perhaps some more VF has rubbed off on DOA than just the fighters, eh?

I really need to see more of this game. Good think that’s probably what will be in store for us as E3 rolls on. More as we get it then!

VF5 Final Showdown Arcade Awesomeness!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Coming to consoles tomorrow- sans Japanese crowd cheering, of course.

For beat ‘em up fans who are still wondering what the fuss is all about with Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and why I and VF fans are all a-ga-ga for this game, check out the vid above, showing off footage from a Japanese arcade tournament. Why this vid in particular? For starters, it’s one of the new VF5FS vids on YT I’ve found in HD, so at least this gives a better look at how gorgeous this game is (even if it’s a cam vid, not direct-line recording apparently), something that’s quite significant given how the original game came out in 2006. The quality of VF5FS’s look I think still stands up well against more current games like Tekken Tag 2- and that’s pretty much what you’ll be getting on your PS3s and Xbox360′s this week.

Of course, the best stuff in the vid is all about the action- you won’t see this kind of high level play on any of the current streaming vids showing off the console version; players just aren’t that good yet. This arcade vid shows off just how awesome the back-and-forth VF battles can be, with throw escapes, evades, counters and combos factoring in to some incredibly thrilling matches. No, you won’t see this right away on VF5FS’s console online gaming, but you may, once players start getting good and getting online.
Disclaimer- the console version won’t be getting those cool cutscene cinemas for the characters shown during the Character Select screen, nor the enthusiastic Japanese commentator/announcer and crowd noises… but everything else- the gorgeous graphics, the crazy and varied customizations, the fighting action… it can be on your console this week.

VF5 Final Showdown is out for download tomorrow, June 5, on PSN. XBL users get their game on June 6. Man, I can’t freakin’ wait to get mine and start brawling. Awesome!!!

VF5 Final Showdown Character Countdown Part 5: Jean Kujo

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Call him a Sephiroth Clone at your peril.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is right on the horizon! I have no illusions that I’ll be able to finish this countdown before release- I started it far too late. Still, it gives me something to do, and I guess I’ll keep doing it even after I get the game. Despite its status as a fighting game genre mainstay and foundation, VF’s long absence from the console scene outside Japan has hurt it a lot- there are far too few players familiar with VF, with many gamers still adhering to that notion that Virtua Fighter requires total, focused dedication to master. In some ways that’s true- but the key word is ‘master’. You don’t really need to master the game right away- you really don’t need a lot of effort to PLAY, or even play very well. VF5FS in particular has been modified to be a lot more newbie-friendly; think of it kinda like Soul Calibur V… but I think it’s even more accessible than SCV in many ways.
Anyway, that’s something for another day to ponder- for now, we take on another fighter to examine in the VF roster- this time, we encounter the newest addition to the lineup; a sinister emo-dude who enters the tournament with stormclouds gathering overhead. This guy wouldn’t look out of place in an apocalyptic fantasy world, wielding a ten-foot long katana. It’s the fearsome Karateka Assassin, Jean Kujo.

Distinguishing Features: Long, silver-gray hair. Sinister aura. Wardrobe from the Bad Guys with Style Store. In terms of Final Fantasy Advent Children terms- he’s got the face of Yazoo and the body of Loz.

Strengths: A new challenger, his moves are generally unfamiliar or unknown. High intimidation factor. His arsenal consists of many powerful charge punches and high-low combos which are hard to parry and defend against. Uses Materia stolen from Clou- oops, wrong franchise.

Weaknesses: His charge moves can be easily sidestepped and punishable if you rely on them too much. He’s actually pretty big and tall, making for a large target. Evil aura tends to put a dampener on relationships. Herbal shampoo.

Background: Not much is known about this silver-haired young man from France- he was raised for the greater part of his life within the compounds of Judgement Six, as one of its brainwashed assassins. Now he is unleashed into the upcoming World Fighting Tournament, as a replacement for J6′s failed operative, Goh Hinogami. Unconsciously he seems to have focused on Lion Rafale, unaware that, many years ago, he and Lion were once childhood friends.

Jean is a proponent of a brutal, violent (and pretty badass) form of Karate; he was known as ‘Karateka’ even before his actual name was revealed during his debut in Virtua Fighter 5R. Even more ‘amped up’ in terms of power than his predecessor, Goh, Jean seems to radiate an almost palpable aura of evil. His movements are accompanied by the same intimidating rush of ki and energy, and he seems unnaturally strong- almost to inhuman levels. It is not known what exactly J6 did to make this young Frenchman into a human weapon (and potential hair model), but it can’t be good- one of Jean’s costumes/looks in customization include a ‘cyborg’ look which might allude to the source of his power.
As a newcomer to the VF roster, Jean will surely stand out for his dark, perhaps even Tekken-ish style (similar to Goh as well), his edginess and emo-ness. Not to mention his moves include some pretty awesome and intimidating attacks and some pretty hard-hitting throws and combos. If only for bad-assery, this guy is sure to be an easy favorite, particularly for newbies to VF5. It should be fairly easy to look cool with a guy whose every punch and kick is powered by The Dark Side of the Force.

Is this guy the one to make Akira, Jacky and the rest of the VF crew kneel before J6? Well, that’s up to you, gentle Player. See if the Karateka Remnant is the fighter for you, when Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown arrives for download on PSN and XBL this June 5 and 6.