Hyper Light Drifter: WOW. Just… WOW.

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A world inspired by dreams and nightmares. Yep, that sounds about right.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are awesome. Well, barring any potential mishaps or hanky-panky, the possibility for wonderful yet unfortunately underfunded ideas, concepts and in this case games to see the light of day is truly a great thing. Many months ago the first-ever such venture I funded (on Indiegogo) was Skullgirls, which went on to smash its initial goal and earn enough to keep the game updating with new characters for the foreseeable future.

How here’s THIS game, Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine, which I just saw a while ago on Kotaku. Nope, it’s already done and gotten its financing, exceeding its initial goal of $27,000 and earning, oh, $645,000(!!!), which nicely means this game is on its way for its mid-2014 release on pretty much every platform except iOS and Android.

Which is GREAT since the game looks gobsmackingly stunning. It’s got the retro look of SNES games in our wildest, glossiest memories coupled with more modern takes like Sword and Sworcery and elements of enchanting worlds like Zelda, Mana, Final Fantasy and even sprinklings of Miyazaki and Moebius. Suffice to say the trailer above has made me want to break out my PayPal password and throw some cash at this beauty.

Anyway, that’s no longer necessary- let’s all just wait for it to come sometime next year. I’ll probably be getting this on PC and on my Vita. To keep us reminded, I’ll post the trailer here on the blog. Check it out and see if it doesn’t inspire you to dream yourself. Wowness.

You can find out more about the game on its Kickstarter Page.

Tekken Tag 2 WiiU Edition Trailer has Power to the Nth Degree!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Nintendo’s Tekken is Coming!

Here’s the latest PV to the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 WiiU Edition for Japan. The lengthy spot shows off the characters, modes and features on offer, most of which appeared in the previous console versions. The Nintendo Exclusives include the Nintendo Characters’ Customizations and Costumes, the special ‘Mushroom Battle’ mode where fighters can grow giant-sized when touched by toadstools, Tekken Ball mode and the ‘Pen’ Customizations where you can draw on the characters (how will Namco prevent NSFW artworks and doodles, I wonder?) for your own unique designs.

The kit and caboodle comes as well with all the extra fighters who arrived in installments as DLC for PS3 and Xbox360 (I think) available out of the box. The fighting starts on Dec. 8 (for Japan).

Fast Tube by Casper

Gamesradar shows off 8 minutes of WiiU gameplay.

Not really excited about this myself, since I don’t have a WiiU, nor do I have any plans of getting one at the moment. I need a great reason to buy a new console, and nope- TTT2 isn’t it. Still, I’m happy that this fighter is coming out- if only for the simple fact that with this version finally out of the way, the Tekken Team can GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE!

Tekken Tag 2 Live-Action Short Film!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Fists and feet fly in this Ferocious Feature!

Well now, ain’t this a neat little treat! With what appears to be a blessing from Namco-Bandai, performance group Wild Stunts Europe has produced a live-action short film based on Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It’s pretty much just one long fight scene, but so what? The costumes are exceptional, the actors mostly looking spot-on (albeit Kazuya was looking a wee bit haggard) and the action- well, the action is pretty TEKKEN! If you’re a beat ‘em up or Tekken fan, this should be a nice use of seven or so minutes. Now, where did I put my TTT2 disc?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 @ NYCC 2012

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Fast Tube by Casper

Harada’s message to fans at New York Comicon.

Perhaps it kinda went under the radar (perhaps because it was mostly a WiiU thing), but Tekken Tag 2 was at the just-concluded Comicon, and Katsuhiro Harada was there to show it off. Well, there in video form- the man himself is currently traipsing around the Middle East and so for his other promotions, but he was able to record a vid for the fans at NYCC. It’s all about the WiiU version, which has PS3 and Xbox360 fanboys foaming at the mouth in envy at the inclusion of Tekken Ball. Oh, just get over it already- I’m pretty sure this minigame will arrive in other versions after it helps sell some WiiUs. For now, I’d be more excited on hearing when I can get my hands on the rest of the DLC/Unlockable fighters- I want me some Unknown action already!

Fast Tube by Casper

TTT2 WiiU gameplay at NYCC.

There’s more footage over at Youtuber ShinMamoruX‘s channel, so check ‘em out.

Tekken Ball is Coming Back (in TTT2 WiiU Edition)!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Hear that? The groans from all those Tekken Ball-loving PS3 and Xbox360 owners..?

Namco-Bandai just posted the latest trailer for the WiiU version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and easily the most significant new addition is the return of Tekken Ball, that infamous minigame from Tekken 3 that quite a few Tekkenheads were asking for. Well, the mode is set to return in November with the WiiU game, and it actually looks kinda cool. Not something I’d lose sleep over, really. I did find seeing all the Tekken fighters cosplaying as Nintendo characters pretty entertaining. Methinks that Tekken Ball will eventually make it’s way to other consoles, but perhaps not too soon.

For now though, I think Tekken fans should be more or less playing with the crop of new content made available for Tekken Tag 2- I certainly am having a blast playing with Miharu. There’s still at least one crop of characters and DLC to come, so there’s some for everyone in the weeks ahead.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: WiiU Edition Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Nintendo FINALLY gets an awesome fighter on its console!

Okay, things are moving fast. Not a week has passed since the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PS3 and Xbox360 and we now see the debut of the WiiU Edition of Namco’s latest brawler. I guess it really is expected given that the WiiU console launch has been set for an early December lift-off. Notable in the trailer are the inclusion of various customizations/costumes that allow the Tekken fighters to cosplay as popular Nintendo characters like Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Link, Zelda and Samus Aran. Pretty slick, Big N… not even Sony got the Tekken Team to dress up Heihachi as Crash Bandicoot (although I guess you could dress up someone as Nathan Drake pretty easily).

Also noticeable are some ‘fun’ modes, like a stage where mushroom power-ups will cause a fighter to grow or shrink- odd but should be quite entertaining. Add to that past features shown like customizable stages and the ability to draw graffiti on losing characters’ faces will probably make it into the final version. Oh, and the graphics look quite identical to the just-released PS3 and Xbox360 games too. Hmmm.

Well, I don’t think this will get me to buy a WiiU, but I guess this will have me monitoring the action over at the other side of the fence from here on. For now, check out the fun antics in the trailer!

Tekken Tag 2 E3 Interview from LevelUpYourGame

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Fast Tube by Casper

More hardcore info from the Tekken Team!

Here’s another video interview with Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray from the recently-concluded E3 2011, this time from LevelUpYourGame. At over twenty minutes, it’s one of the longer interview vids you’ll see (only the Capcom-Unity hour-long interview with Ono is longer), taking up everything from Tekken 3DS, Tekken WiiU, Tekken Hybrid/Blood Vengeance and, of course, Tekken Tag Tournament 2. However of course about half of it is Harada-san speaking Japanese which Murray has to translate, which kinda pads out the time. Also, the ambient sounds of the venue make hearing the words quite the challenge. Luckily, LUYG has also posted the full transcript of the interview over here. So either watch or read, it’s your choice. Thanks to LevelUp for this extensive session. With this probably being the last of the E3 material, next up is Comicon in July. More as we get it then!

Tekken Coming to 3DS and WiiU! (UPDATED with Video Link!)

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Alisa and Asuka looking FINE on Nintendo’s WiiU.

Katsuhiro Harada and Namco-Bandai have dropped a bombshell… well, actually, have Carpet Bombed E3 with a horde of announced Tekken games coming in the near future. Among those Iron Fist titles will be versions for the Nintendo 3DS and the upcoming WiiU, ensuring that pretty much everyone will be playing with Jin Kazama and company everywhere there’s a gaming console in the near future. The even bigger surprise is… the Nintendo Tekken games are looking amazing. I guess Nintendo finally realized that they can get Namco-Bandai fighters a lot better than stuff like Soul Calibur Legends.

From an Interview Video posted on Nintendo’s E3 site, Harada shows off glimpses of the game on the WiiU, with character models that are at least updated to the latest Tekken (TTT2) in terms of animations and look (no Tag fighting probably though). Also, features are updated as well, with some unique to the new console!

Customization options now include drawing and putting tattoos on the Characters. WHOA!

The WiiU version of Tekken will come with a new Practice Mode that will make it easier to see how your attacks and combos work, as well as show you your opponent’s attack style. Using the WiiU’s included Touchscreen and Stylus (on the controller), gamers will be able to doodle funny drawings on a defeated opponent’s face- the Ultimate Taunt! You can also add tattoos or designs to customize your fighter’s look. These are features as yet unseen on any so far released Tekken game!
Even wilder still, you’ll be able to Create or Edit your own stages, customizing the look and interactivity of the background, even putting in obstacles that will actually affect gameplay. You can then upload these stages for other players online to download and use, which will earn you Fight Money (in-game currency) for buying more customizations and items.

Jin shows just how he feels about the new doodling feature.

As for the 3DS version or Tekken, or Tekken 3D, there’s little yet revealed other than a short segment in a montage vid showing off a fight between Kazuya and Heihachi. I’ll be on this like a hawk since I’m really wanting this portable version of Tekken. Hoping that it’s at least on par with the WiiU version in terms of content and quality.

Fast Tube by Casper

The Tekken 3D segment is near the end of the vid.

Having bought a 3DS recently, I am overjoyed that my little, expensive console with the so-far-meager game library will eventually have Tekken along with DOA Dimensions and SSFIV. The WiiU version looks absolutely awesome, and I think I may have to start saving up for this upcoming console. I’ll try to gather more info on this as they appear. Darn, this has really made my day! Heheh…

Loads of Tekken @ E32011!!!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Tekken Hybrid: A CG Movie/Game Mix? Coolness.

It’s early on the first day of E3 and things begin in earnest for Namco-Bandai’s Tekken franchise! Thought the Tekken: Blood Vengeance trailers and Capcom’s Streetfighter X Tekken (PS3, PS Vita) was it for the Iron Fist? NOT A CHANCE! Katsuhiro Harada has revealed his hand, and it’s full of all things Tekken. In the works are the following:

Tekken Hybrid AKA Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D. Shown above in the vid, this is a Blu-ray set that will include the new Tekken Blood Vengeance CG movie AND a new, HD-remastered version of the original Tekken Tag Tournament! Now THAT is one heck of a combo… and it’s only on Playstation 3.

Tekken on Nintendo!?! Versions of Tekken will also be coming to both the Nintendo 3DS and on the upcoming WiiU. AWESOME. Freakin’ AWESOME.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Though he surely won’t elaborate too much, at the very least Harada has pretty much confirmed that Tekken Tag 2 will be heading home after it’s tenure in arcades to both PS3 and Xbox360 at least.

• Tekken X Streetfighter is still coming, so don’t forget that too!

And there’ still MORE to come! Yep, Harada mentioned a MORE at the end of his tweet, so there’s still goodies unrevealed as yet. Late 2011 and 2012 looks to be an Iron-Fisted Era. Tekken fans, be happy to be You. Stay tuned as E3 continues… more as we get it then!