VF5 Final Showdown Character Countdown Part 3: Lau Chan

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If his palm strikes or kicks don’t knock you out, the MSG will.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is the latest and greatest chapter in the VF series- a much improved and souped-up upgrade to the original VF5 released in 2007. For years, beat ‘em up fans have dreamed, yearned, begged for an international release of this awesome fighter- and now all those yearnings come to fruition as Sega releases VF5FS on PSN and XBL for download this coming June 5. In anticipation of this Big Beat ‘Em Up Release, I’ve embarked on yet another Character Countdown to get us all up to speed on the Blokes and Babes that make up the roster of this little-known fighting game called Virtua Fighter.

Next up is another fighter that has been with the series since the first VF- a fierce master of both the culinary and martial arts whose speed, skill and use of dastardly spices make him a feared opponent… or was it a mean Peking Duck? Or both? In any case, we’re talking about the Master of Koen Ken (Tiger Swallow Fist) and the Champion of the first World Fighting Tournament: The Iron-fisted Chef, Lau Chan!

Distinguishing Features: Slicked-back hair tied into a single pig’s tail. Sinister, glaring eyes and dark eyebrows. Villain’s moustache. Chinese wardrobe seemingly ripped from the Shaw Brothers’ set. Slightly smells of ginger and all-spice.

Strengths: Speed, hard-hitting offense and combos that hit high and low. Intimidating, fearsome aura and reputation may scare many opponents away- kinda like Gordon Ramsey, but with actual palms to the face.

Weaknesses: Well-balanced, he may be seen as a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. His combos may be very familiar and anticipated. Since Virtua Fighter 4, he has shown the symptoms of a supposedly incurable illness that has noticeably aged him since then. Saddened that he’s never invited to appear on Iron Chef due to no one wanting to compete with him. His daughter, Pai.

Dragonball’s Mercenary Tao AKA Tao Pai Pai looks very familiar…

Background: A strict and dedicated perfectionist in everything he does, Lau Chan has been fighting all his life. Working in the steamy battlegrounds of Chinese restaurants, he achieved one of his life’s goals by winning the Grand Prix in the worlds’ most presitgious cooking competitions. After achieving success as a restauranteur, he focused his sights on another entirely different skill to master- that of his martial art of Koen Ken and the arena of the World Fighting Championship. Such was Lau’s skill and strength that he won the first tournament and garnered yet another victory.

Since then, Lau has continually striven to perfect his skills. In doing so, he has sadly neglected other aspects of his life- notably that of his daughter, Pai, who has grown up with a growing enmity for him.
Lau would not win the next several fighting tournaments, but each loss just made him strive even harder to increase his skills and push the art of Koen Ken to higher levels. It was at this point, prior to the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, that he discovered that he had been stricken with an unknown, incurable illness. His focus now shifted to finding an heir to his fighting style, seeking someone worthy to carry on Koen Ken’s traditions.

With his recent illness has come further troubles to the master; a monk named Lei Fei, who at first presented himself as a disciple yearning to be trained, turned out to be a deceitful assassin intent on stealing both Lau’s secrets and then his life. Meanwhile, Pai, who had learned of his sickness, has returned as well, determined to prove herself to him. Not wanting to burden her with his troubles, Lau continues to distance himself from her.

Even as all seems lost, Lau Chan throws himself into the new battle with unrestrained dedication. There’s still life in the fist of the master, and his greatest battle is yet to be fought…

Despite his somewhat villainous appearance (Dragonball fans may notice that Lau bears a striking resemblance to DB villain Tao Pai Pai), Lau is actually a very gentle and peaceable man, ruled by strict adherence to tradition and his own code of ethics. Sadly, this strictness and putting up an iron-faced mask of indifference has led to many a misunderstanding, primarily with the one person he values and loves over all else- his daughter, Pai.
Lau’s fight has always been a solitary one- mirroring that of the lone tiger in the jungle, too proud and too powerful to run in a pack. As a tiger, he’ll surely prefer to leave the world claws blazing and fighting, rather than to hole up in a cave to just fade away. It remains to be seen how Lau’s illness will impact on him in future VF games, but for now, the Master of Koen Ken still has much fight in him.

Lau’s fast and deadly moves make him one impressive fighter, and players will surely enjoy kicking and stomping their way to victory. He’s surely one of the more accessible fighters in VF5FS’s roster, but if you really want to punish foes with Koen Ken, master Lau’s moves in the Tutorial mode to cook up a world of hurt.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is slated for release on PSN and Xboxlive on June 5-6.