Dragon Age Inquisition: Why It’s The Best Time to Return to Thedas

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The Trespasser DLC marks the end of the Inquisition, one way or another…

Many months ago, Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition came out on consoles and PC, and RPGers were scrambling all over it. There were highs and lows, with the game impressing with its gorgeous graphics, expansive and varied locales, engaging gameplay and wonderful cast of characters. On the other hand, the game’s linear story, lack of ‘deep’ dungeons and many cutbacks from earlier versions garnered mixed feelings. Still, I say overall that DAI was a wonderful RPG which entertained me for a couple of playthroughs right after release.
Now, more than nine months later though, I am playing Inquisition again. So why have I dusted off my Inquisitor’s Helm and armor from the closet and called the gang back together? There are quite a few reasons why today is the best time to get back into Thedas, or discover it for the first time.

Play as A Different Class. If you are coming back to DAI after playing through it once, try playing again, as a different class. You’ll be surprised how different the gameplay style is. If you played a Mage or Archer who dealt death from afar before, try this time as an in-your-face combatant as a Warrior. Aside from trying out all the new perks and abilities, you’ll find that the story will be slightly different as well.

This time, Play it RIGHT. I remember playing very much like a noob in my first DAI Playthrough- I didn’t really learn all the nuances and rules. I blundered through the first region of the game, barely optimized my characters’ gear and took advantage of their various abilities, and spent WAAAY too much time in the starting Hinterlands.
This time, I knew that it was key to gather as many crafting materials as possible, where to get good stuff, great gear and thus start kicking ass earlier, making the most out of my time. Seeing your characters do much better and handling previously brutal skirmishes more handily is very gratifying. Try out various Character Builds, get into Crafting and start Kicking Ass in the most spectacular ways.

Do the Other Path. There are two distinct paths to take in a crucial moment in the game, that affects the story. This time, play the one you didn’t choose before and see a different chapter, different benefits, allies and villain to battle. Try out different romances. Get the girl. Or the guy. Or not. Ultimately. Maybe.

Bioware’s DAI PAX2015 Panel.

Enjoy the Later Tweaks and Tons of New Gear, Items and Clothing. Since the original launch, DAI has seen many patches to fix exploits (like the legendary Thousands Cuts trick) and balance out gameplay that made particular classes well-nigh invincible (and broken) later in the game. Also, lots of new gear like crafting materials, items, schematics, weapons and armor have been added, including stuff in subsequent DLCs. Also, lo and behold, your Inquisitor needn’t run around in their annoying beige pajamas around Haven all the time thanks to the new Wardrobe. Oh, and Armor Tinting. ARMOR TINTING. YEEESSSS. MY GOSH I may be doing playthroughs with different Character COLORS. Not Classes, COLORS. My God this game rewards my OC Self like no other.

Finish the Fight, er Story. If you love the game like I do, the three DLC Story/Campaign Expansions- Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent and Trespasser- are Must-Haves. All of them can (or perhaps should) be played after completing the Main Game and Story, giving your Inquisition further adventures to test their skills. And you’ll probably need the powerful items and weapons you’ll get then in the final confrontations in Trespasser. No Ifs or Buts about it, Trespasser is the Final DLC of Inquisition, and it gives this corner of Thedas a definite ending that any Dragon Age fan should try themselves.

Right now, Dragon Age: Inquisition is in its most complete form and it’s an awesome package. Currently, I’m enjoying the hell out of DAI, possibly even more so than I did months ago. It’s awesome to see all the stuff I missed or just plain didn’t see before, and to play the game better this time around. Even if Trespasser has marked the End of Dragon Age for now, I won’t be leaving Thedas or my Inquisition anytime soon.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Launch Trailer!

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Glorious melancholy marks what may be the Final Metal Gear Solid.

Preceded by a tweet from Hideo Kojima himself, here’s the Launch Trailer for the stealth action sequel, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It’s a remarkably shorter spot than you’d expect, but strangely fitting- with about 2/3 of it consisting of a montage of footage from past MGS games- a somewhat bittersweet look back at the series’ many chapters- from the original Metal Gear Solid to Snake Eater to Guns of the Patriots and Peace Walker. With Kojima and Konami parting ways, perhaps irreversibly, this may indeed be the last MGS as we have known it, and that truly is something to mull upon sadly.

The trailer continues though with a rather ominous segment from Phantom Pain, featuring the newest Metal Gear, plus a rather telling final segment that raises a TON of questions for this impending stealth-action epic.

It’s only about a week away. September 1. My Gosh, it’s been a wait but it looks to be worth it.

Mortal Kombat X: Erron Black Debut Trailer!

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John Marsten is reborn in Outworld…

A Stranger Appears! Netherealm finally revealed the badass Cowboy Gunslinger Mercenary Erron Black in their latest Kombat Kast, the hour-long episode also revealing returning characters Lui Kang and Shinnok. But of course it’s Black who gets his own personal trailer. I have to admit, I LOVE the gunplay, the sounds of his six-shooters and overall feel, without it becoming too gun-kata. I wish they could give this guy a Revolver Ocelot skin. Or maybe even Billy Lee Black from Xenogears (any relation, I wonder..?). This guy obviously has a story and a big part in the plot… he’s being painted as a guy who is playing both sides, but with still a bit of a good guy leaning. Hoping they don’t kill him off anytime soon- he’s freakin’ awesome.

Netherrealm goes through Erron’s Good, Bad and Ugly Variants…

Mortal Kombat X Character Reveals!

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‘Snake’ returns to MK.

This week has been pretty exciting for fans of the Mortal Kombat series, with not one but two character revealed via streams and new trailers. The first new fighter is Reptile, MK’s original secret fighter whose latest incarnation has him more lizard-like and beastly than ever before, sporting an even more inhuman look and bony armor. He’s still got his trademark tricks like the acid spit and the force ball, and he’s not afraid to use them.

We are Legion! Ermac is back.

The second character revealed (and just today!) is Ermac. A collection of souls given physical form, this telekinetic ninja was first seen as intriguing new concept art some time ago (which might show up as his alternate looks) but now has been fully shown off. A lot of gamers called it that Ermac would be the second reveal, and they called it right.

Bits of the new narrative may be culled from this video.

Maximillian on Youtube also posted a vid above showing off the new intros and fatalities, the former giving hints on the ongoing story. So far, we know that the new MK is set 20++ years after the end of the last tournament’s story. The new fighter and conqueror, Kotal Khan, has taken Outworld’s throne, upon which he is/was opposed by Mileena (still unrevealed as a playable or not). Several characters who died in the previous game- such as Kung Lao and Kitana- have returned, though it is still unknown how they escaped from being Quan-chi‘s thralls. It’s all very intriguing, which may lead to yet another awesome story mode in the upcoming MKX. Can’t wait! Mortal Kombat X is set for release this coming April.

DOA5 Last Round’s New Fighter Revealed (Updated with Trailers)

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Introducing… Honoka!

A couple of days before her trailer will reportedly debut, Dead or Alive 5′s latest (and last?) new character has been revealed. Her name is Honoka, a schoolgirl apparently possessing some ‘secret power’. Little is known so far about her since only a rather low-res Famitsu scan and the screenshot above have been found online. So far, all we know is that she has pink hair and apparently has the biggest breast size of all the female fighters(!).
She seems to know or has some relationship with fellow newcomer Marie Rose, since they seem to have a special tag team intro (and they even kind of resemble one another). Her fighting style is named Honoka-Ryu, which probably is self-taught or self-made. So what’s the story with the pirate glove? Is she an actual martial artist or a ‘magical girl’ combatant? IS SHE ACTUALLY LUCKY CHLOE IN DISGUISE???

Well, the trailer for her debut should answer some of these questions, sometime tomorrow (the 15th). We’ll see then.

Honoka’s Reveal Trailer arrives.

Okay, I have to say I am honestly, legitimately disappointed with this newcomer. At least Marie Rose had her own unique moves and fighting style, but Honoka’s moves (judging by the trailer) are a mish-mash of borrowed stuff from various fighters- Hitomi, Jann-Lee, Zack, Helena, Kokoro- even perhaps something from the big man grapplers (and a thin girl doing a crushing bearhug just looks odd). The thing that sets her apart is her apparently ‘magical’ glove, which we will probably find out about as the game arrives. Aside from her rehashed moves though, I am also not liking her token timid and perky, saccharine-cute schoolgirl character. Hell, since I’m not really a boobs guy not even her huge boobs are a big plus for me. Oh well.

The Japanese version of Honoka’s trailer.

Okay, strangely enough, I am not as annoyed as I was with Honoka watching the Japanese trailer. Perhaps it was due tro her english voice that made me dislike her the first time. However, I still don’t relish the idea of another character who copies moves from other fighters. This is in her story, making her kinda like a female, kid version of Raidou- which leads me to suspect perhaps she’s related to him in some way. Anyhoo, that’s that. Next up is the February release of DOA5LR, which I eagerly anticipate.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round PC Confirmed!

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The fanservice fighter heads to PC, more sexy outfits and action incoming!

It’s been speculated for months, and recently an entry on Play-Asia pointed to the possibility of Tecmo KOEI’s sexy fighter finally headed to the Windows PC platform. Well, speculation ends and fact take over- Team Ninja has officially confirmed Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will release on Steam, with the game now available for preorder. Incentives abound for those who order the game in advance, in the form of additional downloadable costumes (some of which are shown in the trailer above). The more people preorder, the more free stuff- so preorder away over here.

Also teased is the debut of the all-new female character, who will be unveiled in full on January 15. Earlier, DOA’s first boss Raidou was revealed as a returning fighter (albeit in cyborg form). The new female has already been confirmed to be all-original and totally new to the franchise.
DOA5 Last Round is set for release on February 17, 2015 on PS3, PS4, Xbox360, XBox One and PC.

DOA5LR on Steam? Awesome mods, here we come!!! WOOHOO!!!

Kicking Butt and Taking Names in Thedas

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Vivienne and Cassandra show off their stuff in the latest Characters Trailer for DAI.

When I last posted about Dragon Age: Inquisition, I told of my epic, uphill battle (well, more like WAR) against the first dragon in the game- the Hinterlands’ Ferelden Frostback- supposedly the ‘easiest’ dragon in the game. Well, humorously enough, since then I’ve killed THREE more dragons, and although the battles were certainly epic, I actually killed them all pretty much as a matter of course, thanks mainly to my character- the Inquisitor in particular- suddenly becoming this all-powerful badass.
As I’ve said before, my first Inquisitor is a female Elf Mage. At the start, mages are very weak, with low damage output and low armor. It was offset by the variety of flashy spells at their diposal (with Barrier, glorious BARRIER). However, it is always a bit of a scare when you see big, armored bruisers gleefully running at you, aching to bury their huge swords hilt-deep into your gut. Well, that changes once you become a frekkin’ Knight Enchanter.

Once you reach a certain level in DAI, you can specialize your character- which opens up a new skill tree and new spells and powers to employ. For Mages, you can choose from three- Necromancer, Rift Mage or Knight Enchanter. I went for KE, which the trainer touted as the class for those who want ‘To Lead’. Basically what it does is turn your scrawny mage into a Magical Tank, wading into the thickest battle and laying waste to the opposition with her magic powers and a blade of solid light. Yes, basically you’re a goddamn JEDI in Thedas.

Your initiation is pretty straightforward- you gotta build your own Lightsa- well, spirit sword hilt (which entails you opening up an area to collect the needed metals). Once you do, congrats! You’re on your way to becoming a veritable scourge of the battlefield even Iron Bull will respect.

The key to your power is both your offense and defense- the Knight Enchanter uses Barrier to keep themselves from being damaged. With the right passive skills in place, you can keep your barrier up indefinitely by simply hitting with your spirit blade- so basically the more you attack and cause damage, the more you keep invulnerable. It sounds awesome, and it IS. However, it’s doesn’t make you TOTALLY unkillable or indestructible- I was overmatched in one instance by a pretty exceptional enemy group, but other than that I have been kicking ass every time- it kinda helps that I am a bit over-leveled now- at Level 20.

You’d think some games would become boring or un-fun once you become too poweful, but not really in this case- nor was it when I reached a certain level in Skyrim. It just opens up the world for you which is quite liberating and empoweringly fun. Also, being so powerful fits with you character being this unstoppable leader of what amounts to Thedas’ most feared and powerful army of justice, and at this point I am having so much freakin’ fun with the game. FINALLY I got back to those stupid overpowered Rifts in the Hinterlands and wiped the floor with those damn demons. Heh.
I’ve actually still got quite a bit of the game to go, but thanks to my power, I do think I’ll more or less coast through to the ending, which is fine. I wonder though what class I’ll take in my second playthrough… and I hope it’s as powerful or just as kickass… but hell- my Knight Enchanter Elf Inquisitor is one almighty fury on the field. Love it.

The Lone Gamer’s Tips to Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Have you made the leap into Thedas yet?

Since I started playing Dragon Age: Inquisition last November 18, I’ve clocked in more than 50 hours into this mammoth Bioware RPG. There are things I’ve learned during that time that will surely make the lives of subsequent Inquisitors a lot easier. Here are some of them, placed for your reference!

Being a Pack Rat is Good. Like in every good RPG, one thing you’ll want to do as a matter of course in DAI is to just grab everything that isn’t nailed down and stuff it into your Inquisitor backpack. There are dozens of things to find- loot, weapons, armor, valuables, crafting materials and what have you. Every so often you’ll find an awesome sword, staff or clothing to upgrade your party members. The random stuff you pick up may be a crucial ingredient for some sidequest, requisition or potion, so you’ll kick yourself if you realize you ignored that rare reagent.

Don’t Buy. Craft! In the course of your journeys, you’ll eventually amass a lot of gold (sell those valuables!) and you may get tempted to grab some powerful-looking weapon or armor from some merchant. I say, resist. The most powerful gear is stuff you craft yourself- save your money for buying RECIPES and SCHEMATICS. Crafted arms and armor have the benefit of getting max values and additional properties like buffing the wearer’s health or giving them extra powers.

Socialize. Always take the time to find your companions when you’re hanging out in the stronghold or so. Chat and get to know them, and perhaps unlock a romance option or a personal quest. These sidestories are the best parts of DAI, so don’t miss out on them because you were too focused on silly crap like saving the world…

Find those shards! Yes, they have a use and they’re kinda worth the effort. Gotta get ‘em all!

Killing Dragons is Awesome. To be sure, these monstrous titans are not to be taken lightly. But don’t be afraid to give it a try and see if you can make a dent in the buggers. Tactical Cam view may be key to taking them out, or just really good preparation or a strategy. When you do take out a dragon, the rewards are worth it and, well, it just feels damn good. Kinda sad though that there are only ten of them…

Get Fade Step. If you’re a Mage, there’s a power in the Winter
tree that lets you zip forward like a white flash- kinda like Whirlwind Sprint but one you can actually curve or aim if you wish. Using this can get you to some seemingly unreachable parts of the world- all the better to get those darn irritating shards…

Broaden Your Horizons. Don’t stay too long in The Hinterlands. This is something a lot of sites have said, and they’re right. Don’t try to finish off an entire zone before moving on. You can always revisit them to finish off whatever you missed. The variety of locales and atmosphere you’ll see in Thedas is awesome, and you shouldn’t burn yourself out in just one region for days and days. Take care though that some regions will probably be very high-level and dangerous unless you’ve leveled up some.

Save Often, and do Many Saves Slots. Sometimes you may want to redo a dungeon, or discover that you missed a crucial part or segment. Or maybe you wish you answered someone differently? Making saves ensure you can give something a second try if you want, without having to go through another new playthrough to do so (unless you want to!).

But one thing I still recommend is to NOT rush. Just take in the sights, read what can be read, do what you want to do. This is a game that is so stuffed with content you may miss a ton if you don’t see things through with care. But hey, whatever floats your boat is good. You can always just play again. Thedas is your oyster, peeps! A demon-infested oyster but heck, isn’t that the best kind?

Musing About Dragon Age: Inquisition

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What kind of Hero will you be in Thedas?

The upcoming and much-awaited, much-hyped Bioware RPG sequel, Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of my most-awaited games in recent memory. I played a TON of the first game in the series- Dragon Age: Origins- always as a human noble though, several playthroughs to see the various endings. As for the sophomore outing, I sadly kinda skipped most of Dragon Age 2- I played several hours, getting my female Hawk into Kirkwall but from there I kinda drifted away from the game and never really got into it.

Since then, I understand there have been a lot of media released since- novels, side stories and such- but I never really got into them. But I am VERY stoked for Inquisition. It just feels and looks so Epic… YOU as the leader of your own Crusade. It looks to fulfill all your fantasy power fantasies and more, providing you with your own army, fortress, allies, spies and such- how could it all go wrong?

Well, to be fair I do have quite a few reservations. All this time I have been playing Modded Skyrim, and I have to say, it may be a bit jarring for me to come to a party-based game played entirely from third person. I am finding the pyrotechnic-heavy combat of DAI so far seen in videos a bit too flashy and hard to follow. But perhaps this is all in how you play the game and use the skills that will be laid out for you.

That said, thinking about the promising, epic plot- what is behind this grave threat to all of Thedas, the banter and interaction between you and your companions and members of the Inquisition, and what kind of Leader your Inquisitor may become in the course of the game- it all fills me with thoughts of awesome. I can’t freakin’ wait.

Now all I am thinking is deciding what platform to play it on. I do think my current gaming PC can handle DAI, but I’m also considering getting a PS4 for it- to dispense with any hardware hiccups and limitations. OR I could just play on my already-there XBox One. Decisions, decision! Well, I’ve got about a month left of time to decide that.

November 18 can’t come soon enough! DAAAAMN. Are you guys prepared for the Inquisition? I certainly am.

Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘The Enemy of Thedas’ Trailer

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DAI’s Big Bads revealed?

It’s really a bummer that the MEGA-RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition was delayed, but at least its still headed for our platforms of choice THIS year. And we get a new trailer for this awesome RPG, care of the recent Gamescom. This latest spot shows off the enemies your Inquisitor and his allies will face off for the fate of all Thedas.
It’s still quite a mystery- we get evil, ominous voices, something called ‘The Elder One’, the gladiator-like Venatori, various dragons and demons and such which will surely test your heroes to their limits.

But probably the best parts of the trailer involve some familiar faces from the past- Morrigan, THE Warden from Dragon Age Origins and Hawke from Dragon Age 2… I think part of the delay is putting these iconic heroes of DA’s past back in with more meaningful participation than just silly cameos. Heheh.

This is IMO the best trailer for the game yet (Villain Spots usually are) and I am PUMPED.

I’m still neck-deep into Skyrim thanks to my LPs, but darn, I am totally on my toes waiting for this epic. See you in November, Inquisitors!