Skyrim Redone: Turning Skyrim into a Whole New Ball Game

Gopher takes players through installing SkyRE step-by-step.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim truly is The Ultimate Single Player game (or RPG). The PC version, at least- more than two years in, it’s STILL being played by countless armchair warriors and sorcerers. Thanks to thousands (and counting) awesome mods that keep the game refreshed, new and ever-growing, ever-changing… guys like me are still enjoying it to this day. Now, in my case, this was even before I discovered this GEM of a mod called SkyRE- or Skyrim Redone.

SkyRE basically changes up the core gameplay of Skyrim- specifically Perks and combat. Perks are more detailed, more specific and there are TONS of them, which means you can specialize in particular weapons, skills or magic- something the Vanilla game didn’t really go deep enough into. With SkyRE, you can become a master fencer who specializes in light swords and avoiding hits, or an unyielding crusader who charges into combat like a juggernaut, blows bouncing off him like raindrops. Or you could be a steampunk mage who can conjure up dwemer robots to fight for him, or mix up explosives. In other words- this game is now deeper and far more enjoyable for the stat-crazy OC like me- and thus has become pretty much a totally different game.

Brodual’s series of vids on SkyRE is quite nice to watch.

The trouble (or coolness) with SkyRE’s perks is that- there are so freakin’ many. It’s like a huge menu where everything sounds delicious, and you there with just so much cash. But that just makes it all the more awesome in terms of replay value. Also, using a mod called the Skyrim Community Uncapper, skills aren’t limited to the 100 cap, which allows you to keep learning, keep earning perk points, and keep yourself ever-growing.

Then there’s the Combat. Even without any separate combat mods, SkyRE makes Stamina your fuel for fighting. You have to keep on your toes, and fight intelligently or you will DIE pretty fast, and often. More mods can enhance the fighting even more, but this all just makes it all the more challenging, and satisfying.

Aside from now playing a SkyRE game, it’s also cool for me that the Skyrim Let’s Play series that I enjoy are all SkyRE-based games: Gophervids, SorcererDave and recently, AinOnline. Now I can identify more with my fave LPs.

Man, discovering SkyRE means another year of playing Skyrim. Really. Boggles the mind!

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