Elder Scrolls Online Beta Impressions from SorcererDave

Jingles tells it as he sees it.

There are many, MANY video commentaries and pre-reviews on the Elder Scrolls Online on Youtube. I’ve watched quite a few- from Angry Joe, Gopher and now, SorcererDave. Why would I choose this vid in particular to watch and post here on my blog? First off, SD is one of my Skyrim LP Idols, and perhaps one of the most thoughtful such LP-ers on the ‘Tube, with awesome RP vids aplenty. The guy, aside from having an awesome English voice (totally different from another English LP-er I really like) is very astute, honest and just plain cool.

He also looks at ESO from a Single Player perspective, one that I in particular share (being The Lone Gamer after all). So far the views he and the other vids I have seen seem very similar in their thoughts about the Elder Scrolls Online. I myself don’t see it as being ‘Skyrim with Online features’. It’s not, and it never will be. It’s an MMO. Will I subscribe to it? Almost certainly not. But I do want to keep tabs on it, being an Elder Scrolls game. I do wish Bethesda success in it, for I do want them to move on and start doing the next Elder Scrolls proper sequel (although I am still deep into Skyrim).
Anyway, give it a watch if you’re thinking about ESO. A lot of serious thought went into this vid, and it’s worth a look see.

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