Another Skyrim Let’s Play! Tale of Jo’Kir: Khajiit Illusionist

Coming soon to the Youtube Channel!

Following the wonderful reception I’ve been getting to my first Skyrim Roleplaying LP, A Coming of Mage Story (which is into its Second Volume/Season!), I’ve decided to spread myself thinner, like butter spread across too much bread, with ANOTHER LP series.

The reason being that Vryll’s series is well enough on its way- and it will continue indefinitely. However, I wish to do things and play Skyrim (continuously) through other avenues and directions that our admittedly Goody Two-Shoes Altmer Archmage and Animunculist won’t or can’t go. Where Vryll won’t head, our new protagonist Jo’Kir will.
The gameplay style will be markedly different- although they are both mages, Jo’Kir will be using primarily the Illusion School of Magic (SkyRe), Conjuration and Restoration. Alteration will be secondary (mainly just for utility and Mage Armor), and Destruction not at all- Jo’Kir’s ranged offense will be totally different. His melee talents will be new as well, with him being a trained Monk of the mysterious Monastery of the Mists- he will only fight using his bare hands/claws- which are in themselves formidable weapons.

Is Jo’Kir evil? Perhaps that’s too strong a word, but I need to give him a very different voice, tone and mood from Vryll- but hopefully, still make him a likable character to follow, if not interesting. His adventures will take him to the darker corners, nooks and crannies of Skyrim, such as the Thieves’ Guild, perhaps the Dark Brotherhood and perhaps even… Castle Volkihar? We’ll see.

I don’t plan this series to be as long, or as updated as often as my other LP, but we’ll see. For now, please look forward to more Skyrim RP-ing from the Lone Gamer soon!

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    Love that LOTR reference.

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