Famitsu of Japan: Tekken 6 Console Screens, Info and Art

Famitsu just posted an article online showing off a bunch of screenshots from the upcoming console version of Tekken 6. The screens are from the new Scenario Campaign Mode, showing off some co-op action. As usual, the info is stuff that has been already posted before; you navigate through the world on a large-scale map, battling cannon fodder enemies before meeting up with an area boss (one of the regular Tekken roster). You can use weapons and earn money to buy items and customizations, etc. Each character apparently has a unique ending at the end of the Scenario mode.

There’s also a clear artwork of Zafina’s new extra console outfit so check it all out here.

Well, what can I say aside from DAMN I WANT THIS GAME NOWNOWNOW!!! The Scenario Campaign looks freakin’ huge and expansive, and I’m actually excited about it- mainly about what kind of story elements they’ll reveal, and just the simple fun of seeing your fave fighters double-teaming enemies. Anyway, it’s still about, man, 100 days to the game’s release. GAH!

But well, tomorrow at least will cut down our wait to a 2-digit number of days, brings another pair of character trailers and a new week of Tekken 6 manga action. Heheh… gotta love tomorrow! Later then, people.

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4 Responses to “Famitsu of Japan: Tekken 6 Console Screens, Info and Art”

  1. RyuhzaNo Gravatar Says:

    Bryan + Yoshimitsu team? Yeah right.

  2. bobNo Gravatar Says:

    btw they have an official countdown on the t6 website

  3. bobNo Gravatar Says:

    i still can’t get my head around the fact that there will be online co-op in tekken i wonder if they will have a special mode 4 player,where you fight waves of enemys, like CoD Waw nazi zombies, even though its an entirely different genre

  4. bobNo Gravatar Says:

    its awsome the way they have different endings do you think youll be able to view them in theatre

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