New Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Trailer is a Mini Action Epic!

Fast Tube by Casper

Five+ minutes of zombie-on-special forces action!

I have to admit, I’m really not hyped for the upcoming multiplayer shooting action of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. But this new trailer- a dazzling, action-packed CG extravaganza of guns, gore, gals and gas masks- really entertained me. A bit of this has been seen before, many months ago, but now the spot is much, much longer and has tons more action. The quality and length of the Umbrella Special Forces vs Other Guys with Guns and Beasties is of very high quality, and it has everything from hot femme fatales slicing up Lickers to intense firefights to some hapless RCPD guy who may or may not be Leon Kennedy getting blown away as a by-the-way. Yeah, one of the Umbrella guys looked like a Psycho Mantis rip-off but damn, this is awesome. THIS is what I wish a CG full-length action movie would be… not that boring Degeneration stuff. Sigh…

Anyways, check out the vid. Who knows- maybe I’ll check out Raccoon City when it comes out later this year. We’ll see…

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