Rashid Revealed for Street Fighter V!

A speedy wind-warrior named Rashid joins the battle!

At a gaming event in Dubai on Friday, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono did his usual high-energy routine in front of a rather small gaming crowd, promoting Streetfighter V and sbowing off the latest character reveal. The unveiled fighter was not a returning fighter, as some sources said prior to the release. Rashid is an Arab fighter- very much like Shaheen in Tekken 7- but his style of fighting is quite unique. Combining Parkour abilities with an apparent power to harness the winds, Rashid is a highly mobile, speedy and deceptive combatant. Perhaps it may be stereotypical, but he looks exactly like a genie from Arabian Nights when he uses his tornado-like attacks. How does he control the winds, exactly? The odd harness/backpack he is wearing may provide answers. I doubt he’s a relative of Leopold Goenitz…

I actually like his design- the cloth of his costume animates great and the wind skills are cool to see. The ‘scouter’ eyepiece he wears is a bit odd, but adds a unique bit to his look.

The next character reveal for SFV has been set for next weekend, at the Tokyo Game Show.

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