Streetfighter V: From Beast to Beastly Beauty… Vega Revealed!

The Spanish Ninja is back!

Earlier this week, at the start of Gamescom 2015, Capcom released the newest Character Reveal trailer for Streetfighter V. In contrast to the previous reveal that showed off the all-new fighter, Necalli, this time we get one of the original Streetfighter II Bosses- Vega, the Spanish Ninja.

The Masked Matador is quite a surprise, given that he is basically part of a set. What about Sagat and Balrog? Will they be in the launch lineup, or as the follow-up add-ons? Only time will tell.

Anyway, his outfit is apparently one of his past alts, though as someone who NEVER uses Vega I can’t be aware of that. I DO like the look of his moves, particularly as he beats up on new guy Necalli. He’s back, that’s for sure. His new skills include a projectile rose which follows up with a devastating combo, and a Matador Evade move. Intriguing!

With two males in a row, I am hoping that the next fighter is of the fairer sex- will it be an all-new combatant, or a returning lady? When is the next FGC event? Man, I can’t wait!!!

Some (noobish) Vega gameplay at Gamescom.

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