Tekken 6 Manga Update

The Iron-fisted manga continues this week. On the agenda, Jin Kazama readies his troops and gathers his allies. The dark hero’s girding for war, and he’s gonna need some tough fighters to watch his back. Check out Tekken 6: Dark Stars Rising now!

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4 Responses to “Tekken 6 Manga Update”

  1. ZeroXNo Gravatar Says:

    Good luck with it. I’m loving it so far.

  2. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    Lars is, of course, a pretty important figure in the story going into Tekken 6… so his portrayal is pretty crucial. I want him to be bad-ass and cool, as well as being the ‘perfect soldier’ type, which should make his eventual rebellion all the more damaging to the Zaibatsu and Jin’s operation. Sadly we don’t know much about why he rebels or what he’s planning, but that’s for the actual game to reveal anyway.

  3. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks, dude. So far I’m able to stick to my routine of one page a day, at least. ^_^

  4. ZeroXNo Gravatar Says:

    I totally LOVE your picture of Lars. Badass dude badass! Keep it up!

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