The Lone Gamer’s Skyrim Let’s Play Episode 23.5, 24

I haven’t been able to update the blog as of late, thanks to a couple of reasons. One, is that my local DSL service has gone down and has been offline for the past couple of weeks (and counting). I am hoping they fix it soon, but so far I a subsisting on my personal MiFi. The other reason is that I am devoting a LOT of time to my Skyrim Let’s Play project.

I think it’s going quite well, with quite a few awesome watchers having subscribed and watching the series, including a couple of my idols in the Skyrim LP-ing biz (Damo2986 and Pemulisian!). Knowing these two guys are watching episodes of Vryll’s adventures just makes me want to make every video as great as I can make it.

Well, to date we’ve got 24 episodes up and we’re still going. I really don’t expect to stop anytime soon- I am not going to run out of video footage of my mage playthrough for a long time; even more so since I am STILL playing and having fun with the character.
Thanks to SkyRe, that uber-awesome gameplay overhaul mod for Skyrim, a mage is so much more viable than ever before (IMO). It’s not like vanilla where at high levels you’re basically spamming projectiles over and over and causing diddly damage, or resorting to the Fortify Magical School trick to make Magicka costs zero (which I realized a long time ago just made the game boring). In SkyRe, you can really work at upgrading your actual damage output. So at very high levels, you can really deal out damage that is comparable to warriors or archers with Legendary weapons and high skill. This is balanced by the fact that in SkyRe, full mages are still glass cannons so if you’re not careful you can still get killed very easily. Also, levels are uncapped, so I can keep playing Vryll beyond Level 80.

Once my home internet gets fixed, I’m hoping to at least start posting a video or two every other day, or at the fastest, one a day. We’ll see. Anyway, I’m still having tons of fun doing this, and quite a few people having fun watching. So that’s reason enough for me to keep doing it. Stay tuned!

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