About That King of Fighters Movie…

Fast Tube by Casper

Legend of Chun-li, Dragonball Evolution… and now…. THIS!

I’ve seen BAD game-to-movie adaptations. Heck, I make it a point to see these things. I slogged through crap like Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Legend of Chun-li and Dragonball Evolution. But even those junkers had something in common- if you squinted, they actually had traces or smidgens of the source material in them. NOT SO with the wondrously horrific travesty known as The King of Fighters live-action movie.

The characters look, act and feel nothing like their in-game counterparts, sharing only the tiniest of details (as in, WOW! Rugal has one red eye!!! Just like in the games!!!) that only perhaps hardcore fans would get. Terry Bogard is switched from a streetfighter to a CIA agent (and a middle-aged looking CIA agent at that) who only wears his trademark cap for a moment towards the end… and no, there are no Power Geysers or Rising Tackles to be seen anywhere. That’s just the start. The movie features everything from bad, bad, BAD acting, a laughably confused and moronic script, silly special effects, awkward fight scenes and even more bad acting. MAN what was Ray Park thinking?

Anyway, if you’re feeling a bit masochistic, check out the vid above from Youtube’s The Switcher for the best way to see this piece of crap- trimmed down to 10 minutes and edited to highlight just how hilariously stupid it is. Or just do something more productive and slightly less painful- like getting a root canal. Moving on…

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