Soul Calibur Unbreakable Soul Revealed: It’s another F2P ‘Fighter’

Yet another F2P Soul Calibur… on iOS.

The first I saw of this mysterious title was some time ago, with that pretty meh trailer which contained nothing but a logo and text. Well, there are now images to go with it, and we now have what is the latest in a disturbingly growing number of free-to-play ‘fighters’ from Namco-Bandai.
Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul is an iOS F2P Card Fighting Game. Similar to Tekken Card Tournament (also on the appstore), the title is a combination of deck-building, stat-hustling and some 3D fight scenes starring the Soul Calibur cast.
Out now on the Japanese store at least, the game apparently stars Cassandra and Edge Master, but you can probably play as some other fighters. It has the Elemental upgrades for weapons like Soul Calibur Lost Swords, but of course there’s no real time fighting as all moves are done by tapping your available cards to attack or defend. There’s apparently a story behind it all about yet another shard of Soul Edge, and so forth.

As with TCT, this has IAP in the form of gems you will need to buy decks or cards to make your fighter stronger. PVP elements are also available.


When oh when will we see a real Namco-Bandai fighting game again? Well, not right now.

EDIT: Launch Trailer posted.

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