Final Fantasy Tactics Hitting iPhone This Week!

The iOS version is optimized with full touchscreen controls. Swipe that job wheel!

Famitsu has just announced that their long-awaited classic strategy-RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, will FINALLY hit the appstore on Thursday, August 4. Delayed several times after initially being announced for a 2010 release, this PS1 classic has been on iGamers’ wish lists for a loong time. That it’s a perfect fit for iOS devices is demonstrated in a demo vid over at Famitsu- the iPhone version of FFT has been given fully-functioning touchscreen controls- swipe physics are implemented, and navigating through menus looks pretty intuitive and easy. In battle, you can conveniently rotate the battlefields to get a better view of the action, and pinch to zoom in or out. Pretty slick!

Remembered by Square fans for it’s addictive stat-building, wealth of jobs and classes, compelling storyline and challenging scenarios, Final Fantasy Tactics will surely eat away hours as players build their army of death dealers to survive a treacherous world of ambition, conspiracies, intrigue and demonic invasion. I’m thinking, will I finally be able to figure out what a damn Calculator is for in combat?

The version to be released this week is for iPhone and iPod Touch. An HD iPad version is expected to follow later in the fall. You can find a cool video showing off live gameplay over here.

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