Tekken 6 Official US Release Date, Limited Edition Bundles Revealed

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The ‘Big News’ involving the console versions of Tekken 6 being hinted at by Namco-Bandai’s official Tekken 6 Twitter, Tekkenbob, and Tekken fansite SD Tekken have been revealed to be…

AN OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE! October 27, 2009!!! Wow… what a surprise. Oh well. At least it’s official. This is the US release date- Europe, Japan and Asia releases will follow shortly after.


The Tekken 6 Limited Edition Bundle. The set includes a Hori Wireless Fight Stick, a collectible Art Book and of course, a copy of the game. The bundle will set you back $149.99.

And that’s not all! NO!

Want Penny Arcade’s CTS to grace your game? Preorder your Tekken 6 from Gamestop.

As for the The Cardboard Tube Samurai costume… well, it’s a special DLC outfit for Yoshimitsu that’s part of a special Samurai Pack which also includes special ‘nobori’ or Japanese war banners as items usable for all characters in the game. You get the Samurai Pack along with a Tekken 6 Calendar when you preorder the game from Gamestop.

All in all… considering the hype built up… pretty underwhelming, and actually USELESS for me and Manila Tekkenites, since this offer is pretty much just for the US. Perhaps Play-Asia will eventually stock the bundle, but I’m not really interested… already have a Hori Stick in my Gaming Sanctum. As for the release date, it’s for the US, but well- I don’t really have to wait for an Asian release since PS3 is region-free… I can just pick up the US game once it drops.

Back to waiting for the game then. October 27, eh? Well. I guess I know what I’ll be doing during Halloween and the holiday break. Heheh…

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Prince of Persia to get 'Epilogue' DLC

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In case you haven’t already beaten Ubisoft’s beautiful run-and-jump-and-wall-slide action game Prince of Persia, know that the ending left many players… wanting. As in, it was a mammoth cliffhanger that left gamers open-mouthed aghast at what just happened. Well, fear no longer… a proper end to the game’s story arrives this February.

Called the ‘Epilogue’, this DLC continues the adventure some time after the end of the game, further developing the relationship of The Prince and Elika. The DLC will introduce a new area to explore, a new attack for The Prince and a new power for Elika, as well as a new enemy (however he/she/it will actually be a rehash of previous enemies). The game will also give players two new skins to play with once they’ve beaten the DLC pack.

No word yet on pricing, but the Epilogue will be available for download for PS3 and Xbox360 on February 23.

What can I say? I say it’s pretty dubious that Ubisoft didn’t add this ‘Epilogue’ to the actual disc. What ARE game makers thinking these days? In the Last Gen, there was NEVER this kind of thing. Goes to show how things are changing, producers are getting more money-grubby (no matter what lame reason they give). I just hope this DLC is worth the price. Anyway, more Elika is a good thing, in any case…

For a more in-depth article and interview on the game, click here.


Xbox360 gets exclusive Tomb Raider DLC!

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It seems that Microsoft scored a doozy with Lara Croft recently. Kotaku just posted that the Xbox360 will be getting two DLC sets soon after the release of Tomb Raider Underworld. These sets will extend the adventures begun in the main game, giving players several hours of additional gameplay, story and action.

The first DLC expansion, Beneath the Ashes, will hit Xbox Marketplace towards the end of December and continue Lara’s adventures after the main storyline of Underworld has finished. Featuring a new and exclusive area, players will be able to kill new enemies as well as uncover even more secrets.

The second DLC pack, mysteriously titled Lara’s Shadow, will be released in early 2009 and expand gameplay even more by introducing a new playable character!

Man, this is interesting. Kinda kills any suspense that Lara will make it through her latest adventure alive. But then, Lara always lives… right..? Tomb Raider Underworld is set for release this November. Till then, PS3 fans gnash your teeth for your own DLC.

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