Tekken 6 Console: Unlockables are Outdated, sez Harada

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During a recent interview at Videogamer.com, Tekken 6 producer Katsuhiro Harada made known his stand on unlockable characters:

“Why we locked the characters originally was that in the arcades, it was kind of to extend the life of the game by gradually unlocking characters. And also with the home versions as well, because you can rent games or whatever, it was to protect us against that. That’s kind of outdated now though, especially with online play. If we were to have locked characters it would irritate a lot of people, to be playing against others online and to not have all the characters available. So I think it’s no longer useful.”

The recent Streetfighter IV release required players to beat the game repeatedly in order to unlock 9 of the total 25 playable fighters. Tekken 6 on the other hand has all 40 characters playable from the start.

So does this mean there’s nothing to work for in Tekken 6? Hardly. Aside from the 40+ CG endings and storylines to uncover via the main modes, there are literally hundreds of customization items and costume parts to buy in-game (read: No Real Money Use) and outfit your character to your specific fashion tastes.

See this- once you unlock Cammy and company in SFIV, that’s it- want anything more than alternate colors? You’ll have to spring for their crappy ONE alternate costume on PSN or Xboxlive. In Tekken 6, you get 40 characters, 37 of them unique (no freakin’ four fighters or so with the same basic moveset), with dozens and dozens of customization options out of the box that lets you make them totally unrecognizable if you want, at NO ADDED COST. Seems pretty clear what’s awesome and what’s needing quite a bit of updating, eh?

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October 2009.

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