Lotsa Streetfighter III Love Coming!

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Adorable ninja Ibuki is set for her comic book debut this August.

Fans of Streetfighter III may have gotten shafted by Capcom in Streetfighter IV, but there may be hope yet. For starters, several of the New Generation crew will be spotlighted in mini-stories in upcoming issues of Streetfighter II Turbo from Udon Comics. First up will be ninja girl Ibuki, who is rightly credited as being ‘arguably the most popular fighter in SF3′- she’ll be getting a 4-page story (TOO SHORT!!!) in SF2 Turbo #8, due out early August. The enigmatic hermit Oro gets his time in the limelight in SF2 Turbo #9, while issue 10 gives us a slight glimpse into the mysterious Q.

And that’s not all! Once the current Streetfighter II Turbo Maxi-series concludes, we can expect a full-blown Streetfighter III series from Udon in 2010! WOOHOO! Well, that’s something to look forward to next year. And then, who’s to say what happens next? Perhaps we’ll see Ibuki, Alex and company kicking butt in the next SF game? Keep your fingers crossed, Streetfighter III fans… we just may get our long overdue love yet. Something for the future, then. Awesome!

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Streetfighter IV US Release Date

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Earlier it was announced that Japan would be getting the console versions of Streetfighter IV in February 2009. Well, the US and Europe will be having SF Love about the same time, with the US getting a simultaneous release of the PS3 and Xbox360 versions of SFIV on February 17. Europeans get theirs a few days later on Feb. 20. Me, I’m looking forward to the game- hopefully there will be a few cool surprises revealed or given aside from those already leaked out in the past couple of weeks. Till then, we can all sate our SF-cravings with the upcoming release of Streetfighter 2 HD Remix on PSN and Xboxlive later this month.


Streetfighter Love

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Yesterday I was able to pass by the mall to pick up my long-overdue pile of comics, and I happened on a wonderful suprise. The store saved for me a copy of the Udon Streetfighter Tribute art book. I’ve known about this book for a while but really haven’t had the opportunity to get it online. Well, thankfully my main comic store Comic Quest stocked it and despite suddenly popping in I am overjoyed at having it.
The large volume is bursting at the seams with Streetfighter artworks from artists/streetfighter fans from all over the world, from popular Udon artists to guest contributors, animators and gamers (including one piece from local artist Kriss Sison, who is coincidentally my partner in our popular local manga Ninja Girl KO!). The pieces range from the awesome to the strange, but all radiate that love for the franchise that you can’t deny. Darn, I wish I was able to give in an artwork as well… maybe next time. Hmmm…

Man, I wish I could scan a ton of the artworks and use ‘em for wallpapers on my mobile phone. With the addition of the SF Tribute book, my collection of Udon Streetfighter art books (Including Art of Capcom and the Udon Streetfighter book) is now an awesome trilogy. Highly recommended if you’re a SF fan. Great stuff!


Classic Chun Li Fight Scene gets the CASplay Treatment

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I don’t recall Chun Li’s apartment looking so… airy.

The Soulcalibur IV Character Creation fun continues with another cool video from Youtube user SoleSurvivor, recreating the awesome and sexy apartment battle between a barely-dressed Chun Li and the sadistic, claw-wielding Vega, from the original Streetfighter II Animated Movie. Man, that fight is, to this day, my favorite anime action scene of all time, and it just hasn’t been matched since (the rest of the movie kinda sucked though…). You just don’t see that in anime anymore, to that quality.

Of course, it’s not totally accurate to the anime original- for starters, while having Chun fight in her bra and panties is beyond hotness, seeing Vega shorn to his tighty-whities is… not. Still, it’s a pretty slick SCIV CAS video, and the use of some scenes from the actual movie is quite clever. Check it out!