Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN (PS4)
Dragon Age: Inquisition (XBOne)
Sunset Overdrive (XBOne)
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (PS3)
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (PS3)
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (PC)

Favorite Genres
• Fighting (One-on-One)
• RPGs
• Action-Adventure/Shooters
• Strategy/RTS

Current TV
• 51″ Samsung Series 5 Plasma HDTV

Current Consoles
Playstation 3
With the death last year of my old, Japanese first-run PS3, my current PS3 is a slim version that has no Backwards-Compatibility. Despite this, I see myself keeping this last-gen console for a long time since many of my favorites are on this- Tekken 6, VF5 Final Showdown, DOA5 Ultimate and more.

Sadly, I have decided to recently pack up my Xbox360 and sell it for a song to someone, along with a large assortment of games. Better someone else play and enjoy it than for the console to gather dust in the attic.

Sold to a friend for his kids to enjoy.

Bought this solely to play light gun games, and after the novelty was gone, it went into storage. Pretty much given away to a neighbor’s kids.

iPad (3rd Generation)
Given away to my nephews and niece in Canada.

Galaxy Note 2
My new constant mobile companion, this super smartphone from Samsung is an awesome Android portable which eats up gaming and media thanks to its quad core processor. But since I don’t want to have redundant titles with my iPad, my prime gaming software on it are FPSe- a PSX Emulator and PPSSPP, a PSP Emulator. So now, I can whip out my Note 2 anytime and play the excellent retro-fighter DOA (PSX), the magnificent RPG Suikoden 2, or even a few rounds of Tekken 6 (PSP) or Soul Calibur Broken Destiny. MY GOSH I LOVE MY PHONE!!!

Gaming Desktop PC
An Athlon AMD Desktop I bought for quite a low price, this rig has nonetheless given me so far hundreds of hours of fun, using my 51-inch Plasma TV as the monitor. Skyrim plays great on it, along with my ever-growing Steam library. Eventually I may decide to upgrade it, but not yet. Not yet.

iPad Air
My constant companion on everyday work jaunts or on longer trips. It contains tons of games and media content, and is my portable web browser and social network hub. An indispensable device even though I have recently acquired a-

Microsoft Surface Pro 2
My new tablet isn’t as portable as the iPad Air, but it lets me do something the Apple can’t- play PC games. With the Surface Pro 2, I can enjoy my Steam library away from my desktop PC. For the most part though, the most I do on it is play Skyrim. WAHAHAHA!

• Playstation Vita
Very much understated but this is a gaming powerhouse. I loaded it up with a 32GB Memory Stick and am constantly trying to fill it up with games. I don’t play with it as much as I should, but it’s usually in my day bag alongside my iPad. Emergency Gaming Fix on the go, I guess.

Xbox One
The chunky XBOne comes with Kinect 2 out of the box, and so far has pleased me with the pretty impressive (if barebones) Killer Instinct. Surprisingly, Fighter Within, the Kinect fighter from Ubisoft, has also pleased me by giving me a good, sweaty workout every time I play. Looking forward to more next-gen games in the coming months and years.

Playstation 4
My latest console acquisition. I’ve to date so far only gotten three games for PS4, so I’ve yet to get money’s worth from it. Having games in 1080p is awesome though, and Guilty Gear Xrd is a wonderful initial title to play on my big HDTV. Looking forward to Streetfighter V (a PS4 exclusive) in the near future.